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Here at Number Supermarket we like to make life easy, so we have created a simple three-step shopping system – taking you from start to finish with minimum effort. Remember, you can make your new telephone number as memorable as you want to, by handpicking one you like the look and sound of from our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum selections.

What do I get when I buy a number?

Our numbers come with a range of different features. These are available on our different packages – but every phone number purchased through us comes with cutting edge functionality, lightening fast changes, and the ability to manage through our bespoke online portal. Find out more about each of our features by hover over the icons to read more.

Alternatively, you can simply visit our dedicated features page to find out more.

IVR Auto AttendantIVR Auto-Attendant
Web management & reportingWeb management & reporting
Call QueueCall Queue
Call RecordingCall Recording
Time & Date PlanTime & Date Plan
Hunt GroupHunt Group
Mid Call TransferMid Call Transfer
Route to any UK LandlineRoute to any UK Landline
Route to UK/Abroad Mobiles.pngRoute to UK/Abroad Mobiles
Ratio Call PlanRatio Call Plan
Disaster RecoveryDisaster Recovery
Area Call PlanArea Call Plan
Out-of-Hours MessagingOut-of-Hours Messaging
Pre Connection GreetingPre-Connection Greeting
Call WhisperCall Whisper
Number DisplayNumber Display
iPhone AppiPhone App

What are the major differences in the number ranges I can buy?

Non-Geographic (084, 087 & 03)

So, what exactly are non-geographic numbers? These are telephone numbers starting with 08 or 03. They instantly provide your business with a memorable point of contact and an impressive national footprint – promoting a UK-wide coverage rather than restricting it to one location. In addition, non-geographic options have connotations of professionalism and far-reaching capability, whether you operate a large multi-site concern or single outlet.

We know what you’re thinking – they’re expensive right? Wrong. Non-geographic numbers get charged at a cheaper rate than you’d expect, for you and your callers. In fact many are freephone (i.e. 0800 & 0808), some offer a healthy rebate (i.e. 0844 & 0843). Even 03s are considerably more affordable from landlines (and by 2015 even mobiles too).

Geographic (01 & 02)

01 & 02 prefixes have stood the test of time and are still going strong. Why? Geographic numbers say,”we’re local,” providing callers with the reassurance that naturally comes with dialling a familiar telephone number. Quite simply, for many callers these are contact details that  get associated with being, ‘close to home’ – often linked with affordability and caller confidence.

Still unsure whether a geographic or non-geographic prefix is for you? Please call 0330 332 0400 and our experienced team will gladly explain further.

Find our more about each number range

Visit our advice centre for more information on each range that we provide, with information on call costs and more. Click here.

Find out more about each number range before you buy

0300 numbers

If you are looking to buy 0300 numbers, please be aware that they are reserved exclusively for charities. Those who don’t have a registered charity number will not be able to use an 0300.

0330 numbers

Introduced relatively recently, buying 0330 numbers has become increasingly popular due to the ability to get a memorable number in this range. Regardlessly of your industry, this could be a great fit for you.

0333 numbers

Another ‘newer’ number range, and part of the 03 family. Charged at a local rate, many companies are buying 0333 numbers for use as their main customer service helpline.

0345 numbers

Brought in to allow people to phase out the 0845 equivalent, companies buy 0345 numbers due to their caller-friendly rates. Increasingly popular for helpline use.

0370 numbers

Looking to migrate to a 03 from the equivalent 0870 prefix? Buying an 0370 number will give you the option to use either prefix, offering flexibility for your business.

0800 numbers

Possibly the most well known number range in the UK. Now completely freephone, companies are now buying 0800 numbers more frequently due to their trust with the public.

0808 numbers

Again, one of the most well known of any non-geographic number prefix – recognised widely by the UK public. This why buying an 0808 number is always a safe bet.

0843 numbers

One of the most popular ranges, many buy 0843 numbers because they are particularly good for business owners due to the rebates that they can generate with inbound phone calls. Regulated by Ofcom, and recognisable to the British public

0844 numbers

Another telephone range that generates a rebate, people buy 0844 numbers because they are trusted by the general public and well recognised. One of the most popular phone prefixes around.

0845 numbers

If you are interested in buying 0845 numbers, they are caller-friendly and have the added benefit of creating a national business presence. Used by a wider range of companies in a variety of different industries.

0870 numbers

Classed as premium rate, this is a range that has slowly been dying out in the UK. However, many still buy 0870 numbers for a variety of reasons – the rebate generated being key amongst them.

0871 numbers

Part of the 087 family that has slowly started to be phased out, companies buy 0871 numbers and use them for a variety of different reasons. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

0872 numbers

Just like other 087 telephone numbers, buying an 0872 number and using it may offer a volume dependent rebate. However, they can cost callers – and their use is highly regulated.

Ready to buy a number?

Simply pick your package below to take the first step on the road to buying your own number. After choosing a package that suits your need, you will then proceed to choose a telephone number. This could be something memorable – a specific sequence of numbers that are significant to you, perhaps – or could just be one of the various number ranges that we have described above. Need any help? Get in touch with our customer service team now on  0330 332 0400 and our experienced staff will gladly go over any information you require


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inclusive mobile minutes

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Mobile – 6ppm


£14.99 a month

inclusive landline minutes


inclusive mobile minutes

Out of bundle costs:
Landline – 3ppm
Mobile – 6pmm

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