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0113 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

As you are probably already aware, the prefix 0113 is firmly associated with the area of Leeds in Yorkshire.  However, did you know that 0113 also accommodates a handful of neighbouring locations such as Armley, Garforth, Pudsey and Rothwell? 0113s are operational in numerous destinations throughout West Yorkshire. If you are unsure whether 0113 is the correct prefix for your region please ask for details – we’re a friendly bunch here at Number Supermarket and are always happy to help. Buy your 0113 number now.

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0113 prefixed numbers get categorised as normal landline numbers and, therefore, get charged at standard rate. That means your customers can contact you safe in the knowledge that they know exactly how much their call is likely to cost.

What’s more, calling your new 0113 from abroad is almost a simple as it is at home. All that’s needed is to lose the 0 and add 44 – therefore the international version is +44 113 xxx xxxx.

Remember, it is important to present your new 0113 telephone number by using the correct format, for instance, 0113 xxx xxxx.  Displaying your new 0113 telephone number in the right format is vital to its memorability factor. Callers will find it easier to remember that way, they will discover dialling is simpler too.

Why buy an 0113 number?

As with all numbers beginning with the prefix 01, the area code 0113 is what is known as a ‘Geographic Number’. This means that if you receive a call from a number that starts 0113, you can usually be fairly certain of the area from which the call is being made – in this case, Leeds.

Although the 0113 area number will usually be listed as being from Leeds, you should also bear in mind that calls may also be placed from towns and villages within the Leeds area, which includes:

  • Crossgates
  • Drighlington
  • Morley
  • Pudsey
  • Arthington
  • Barwick-in-Elmet
  • Chapeltown
  • Adel
  • Rothwell

This list is not exhaustive, and you might find that other towns and villages surrounding or within the Leeds area also share this number.

It is also important to bear in mind that although an area code is usually a fairly reliable indicator of the area in which a call is being made from, there are exceptions to this rule. The person (or more likely, business) might be calling from what is known as a ‘Virtual Business Number’ – this means that the company have purchased a number to give the appearance of being based in a local area, but in actual fact might not even be based in the UK.

Some mobile phones providers also offer their customers the ability to tie their mobile phone number to a tradition geographic number, which means that if you receive a call from them it will appear to be from a land line.

Choosing your 0113 number

There have been some examples of people receiving calls from a number which simply consists of the numbers “0113” in its entirety. Although it is not immediately clear from where these calls are originating (and they may be completely genuine) if you are unable to verify the caller’s identity, it is fine not to answer. Any legitimate company or caller will be able to contact you through other methods such as post, email or text message.

The cost of calling an 0113 number is usually up to 13p a minute if you are calling from a landline, but can be up to 55p should you place the call from a mobile phone. There also might be what is known as a ‘Call Set Up Fee’, which usually rangesfrom between 15p – 20p. If you are unsure, contact your landline or mobile provider for further information on call costs.

Another way you can enhance the memorability of your business’ telephone number is to pick methodically from our carefully graded online portfolio. Number Supermarket understands that you need a contact number that reflects your business’ look, feel and most importantly its brand. That’s why we have assigned Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum memorability ratings to each and every telephone number – after all attention to detail matters especially in marketing.

For more information about how a geographic number such as 0113 can work for you and your business, please call freephone on 0330 332 0440.

Alternatively why not start shopping for that new 0113 telephone number right now using our quick 3-stop shopping system?