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0845 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

Looking to buy an 0845 number?  Regulated by Ofcom, 0845 numbers offer strong option for any small business, organisation or individual – providing businesses with the benefit of a national presence and callers with the advantage of paying smaller amounts to call compared to the likes of 0870 and 09 numbers. Often associated with professional and long-established concerns, 0845 number prefixes also help you create an enviable corporate impression, for a very low price. If you’re interesting in buying an 0845 number for yourself or your business, browse our selection and purchase an 0845 number now.

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Who buys 0845 numbers?

Many companies buy 0845 numbers for a whole host of different reasons. Although their use as a helpline has slowly stopped – due to Ofcom changes as much as anything else – they are still a popular telephone number range. You also get the added advantage of owning the right to the equivalent 0345 number whenever you purchase an 0845 number. This gives you options for your business going forward, and means you can really build a brand off the back of your phone number.

Why buy 0845 numbers?

Well known and recognised by the UK public as a whole, 0845 are trusted – and give your business the chance to market nationally much more easily. This is one of the many reaosns why companies buy 0845 numbers. Compared to the likes of 0870 numbers, they are also notably cheaper for the person dialling – again, a major bonus for your brand. In short, any Non Geographic Number such an 0845 number allows you to give the impression of being a UK-wide organisation, regardless of the actual size of your company.

Number Supermarket 0845 numbers also come with different services, depending on which package you choose. For example, Area Call Planning integrates the use of ‘heat maps’, for the ultimate in marketing management and is just one of the features included, depending on which package you choose. For more information, please visit our Advice Centre’s dedicated packages pages or call freephone 0330 332 0400.

What advantages does an 0845 number have?

Once you have selected and purchased your 0845 telephone number, we will welcome you on-board with an introductory email. This note will outline the ongoing support we provide as a standard service. We will then be able to set up the 0845 number that you have purchased to your own unique needs. Whether you’re a small business, major corporation, or a sole trader, our team can make sure that your 0845 number is set up to meet your unique needs.

What else do I need to know about an 0845 number?

Number Supermarket has a host of memorable 0845 numbers to choose from – memorability rating starts from Bronze and progresses up to Silver, Gold and Platinum options. If you’re interested in buying an 0845 number, these packages can make a huge amount of difference to the capabilities for telecoms capacities of your business – whether large or small. Regardless, even our Bronze numbers are hugely popular, and perfect for marketing – although the Platinum range of 0845s stick in the memory a little longer. Regardless, whatever your unique needs are for purchasing an 0845 number, get in touch today and we will be able to talk you through the whole process – or simply buy an 0845 number now and have it set up in minutes.

Businesses must be fully conversant with  1st July legislation regarding ‘service numbers’, which includes 0845 numbers. For a comprehensive guide to corporate effects visit www.ukcalling.info. In the meantime, it is imperative to ensure that all your advertising material from your website to corporate literature, ensuring that call costs are clearly displayed using the Ofcom recommend wording:

‘Calls cost xp [or xp per minute] plus your phone company’s access charge’.

More about 0845 numbers

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