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0844 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

If you’d like a memorable non-geographic (NGN) number that also generates a volume-dependent rebate on your incoming calls, 0844 numbers could be the solution for you. And, with the ability to redirect calls to a pre-selected destination, 0844 are a flexible choice too – putting the control in your hands. Buy your 0844 number now.

0844 numbers have been limited due to the introduction of the prefix 0843.

Choosing your 0844 number?

One of the main advantages you can expect from choosing a 0844 prefix  is being able to enjoy a truly national business presence, regardless of your permanent location. In addition, our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum numbers are carefully graded according to their memorability, that means you can establish a phone number your callers will really remember.

Why buy an 0844 number? What are the advantages of 0844 numbers?

Are you aware that any call to your 0844 prefix can divert to your mobile phone, landline, home or office? Thanks to our real-time Number Manager platform, this process is made simple and straightforward – check our Advice Centre for more information and video walkthroughs at your fingertips.

0844s have the flexibility to get utilised for a diverse range of telephone-based purposes by companies across the board, and they can be uniquely tailored to suit your needs. One of the ways you can take full advantage of your new 0844 number is to consider the portfolio of features available from Number Supermarket. Some of the most popular features include Disaster Recovery (keeping those lines of communication running even in an emergency), Voice2Email, unique greetings and IVR auto-attendant functionality. All of these can get managed through our bespoke iPhone and Android Apps.

Once you have selected your 0844 number, completed the purchase process, you will receive a welcome email and courtesy call from our customer services team. We will outline everything you can expect from us. Rest assured, our team provide ongoing 24/7 customer support using today’s best call solutions based on over 35 years telecoms industry experience.

The payment process itself is simple and straightforward thanks to our integration of PayPal – the tried and trusted option. Your monthly payment will be automatically taken through their safe, secure servers, allowing  a stress-free way to maintain your telecommunications system. All that we require is a PayPal account and a suitable payment method – Number Supermarket will take care of the rest.

Choosing your 0844 number

If you have any further questions about purchasing a 0844 number or would like know exactly how Number Supermarket can help you and your business grow, simply give us a call on 0330 332 0400. One of our staff will talk you through all that we can offer.

Can I Change Where My Number Points to?

There are several ways to do this. The first is to send an email asking us to change where you want the number pointed to (include your name and account number in the email for security). Please be aware that if you email us to make a change, we can only do this during working hours. If you need the capability to do this outside of working hours then you will need option two. The second is to purchase the online portal which gives you the capability to manage your 0844 number online 24/7. This service only costs £2.99 per month and can be found by clicking on our additional services page and is available through the order system for 0844.

If I point an 0844 number to a landline, can I still use my landline number?

All of our 0844 numbers sit on top of your existing telephone number service. This will not interfere or change your existing service, and people can still call the landline number if they so choose. The same is also true if you point an 0844, 0843, or 0845 to your mobile phone. All of our 084 phone numbers are virtual, non-geographic numbers (NGNs).

How much does it cost to call 0844 numbers?

The cost of calling an 0843, 0844 or 0845 varies. 0844 numbers can be charged between 1p & 5p per minute from a UK landline, but all of our 0844s are charged at 5p per minute. From mobile, the charge can be anywhere between 10p and 25p per minute, plus an access charge. Please contact your mobile phone service provider for more details on your tariff.

Can I change where my 0844 number points to?

Yes, and it will happen almost immediately once actioned. Using our online portal – which we will provide log-in details for once your first payment is made – you can change it online in a flash. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our customer service team and we will change over the number your 0844 number is being pointed towards.

Please be aware businesses must be fully conversant with 1st July legislation regarding ‘service numbers’. For a comprehensive guide to corporate effects visit www.ukcalling.info. In the meantime, it is imperative to ensure that all your advertising material from your website to corporate literature, ensuring that call costs are clearly displayed using the Ofcom recommend wording:

‘Calls cost xp [or xp per minute] plus your phone company’s access charge’.