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0345 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

Looking to buy an 0345 number? You’re in the right place. From the consumer’s point of view, 0345 numbers are regulated by Ofcom and get charged at a standard rate. Therefore, they are no more expensive to call than a regular 01 or 02 contact number. This means that they’re a perfect purchase for your main helpline, regardless of whether you’re a small business or a large corporation. 03 numbers are increasingly recognised by the general public as a trustworthy range, and there is unlikely to be any confusion when someone calls your business. Buy your 0345 number now.

Why choose an 0345 number?

  • Phone calls to 0345 numbers from UK landline or mobile cost the same calling an 01 or 02 number.
  • 0345 numbers are also included as part of UK mobile and landline call packages.
  • Recognised by customers across the UK – a good alternative to 0800.
  • As a non-geographic number, 0345 numbers provide a UK-wide presence for your business
  • You can take your number with you if you ever move premises
  • The 0345 telephone number range can be used by any company wanting something different to an 08 number.
  • Gives companies of any size the image of being nationwide

Once you buy your number, we can add many different features to your telephone number. These include intelligent call routing, queuing, and others to make sure you never miss a call. After all, making sure you speak to your customers is crucial to the success of any business.

0345 Number is a non-geographic virtual 03 number. If your company currently uses 0845 number then you can easily migrate to 0345 number. You simply change the digits 08 to 03. Please contact Our sales team for more information.

If you do not own the equivalent 0845 telephone number, you can still purchase a 0345 telephone number and we will provide the equivalent 08 free of charge.

Unlike 0845 numbers, calls to 0345 numbers are charged at a local rate – the same as ringing an 01/02 number on landline or mobile.

0345 & 0845 – what’s the difference?

0345 is part of a sub-range of telephone numbers designed to ease the migration from equivalent 0845 numbers.  No extra equipment is necessary – making the move easy. As you’ve probably gathered it is never too early to prepare for the 03 switchover, however, you may not be ready to change completely. You might wish to select a designated 03 number and store it for use at a later date. Rest assured, if we have already provided your 0845 prefix that isn’t a problem, 03 numbers can be assigned and stored for you – free of charge. Simply call our freephone helpline where a member of our team will gladly tell you more or check out the Ofcom website www.ofcom.org.uk.

0345 – 0 free 45, Number Supermarket provides a host of additional free benefits designed with your needs in mind. These include the free number transfer to a 0345 number matching your previous 0845 prefix version, plus free line rental and no hidden charges. There are also numerous complimentary features attached to specific packages, for instance, our invaluable ‘one-click’ disaster recovery facility.

Purchasing your 0345 number

Selecting your 0345 number is the first step and obviously depends on whether you intend to mirror your existing 0845 telephone number or want a completely new option. The number allocation and payment process is conveniently managed step-by-step process via the Number Supermarket site. Alternatively, you are welcome to call our freephone helpline 0330 332 0400. If you’d like to see our full range of telephone prefixes, visit the homepage now and see what is available to you, or click here to see our full range of 03 numbers.

When you are happy with your choice of number, it’s time to proceed (shopping basket in hand) to the online checkout.

Once you have purchased your 03 number, we will welcome you onboard with an introductory call and email – outlining the ongoing support we provide as standard.

More about 0345 numbers

Need to know more about 0345 numbers before you buy? We’ve put together guides to answer any query you may have.

Any further questions about 0345 numbers?

Get in touch today if you have any problem, questions or queries about 0345 numbers, or any of our number ranges. Contact us here.