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Number Supermarket has a portfolio of complimentary telephone features ready for you. These features range from ‘one-click’ disaster recovery and IVR facilities through to real-time number management and out-of-hours messaging. It is important to remember that such facilities are package specific. Therefore, the benefits you receive change whether you select the Standard, Advanced or Professional option. However, the one thing everyone gets is dedicated customer care, 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

IVR Auto-attendant Functionality IVR Auto-attendant Functionality

  • Providing an automated answering, menu and call management solution – whether callers are contacting you via landline or mobile
  • Redirection of calls to pre-established people, departments or locations – reducing congestion and enhancing the customer care your callers receive
  • No extra equipment hardware or software required
  • Personalised audio can be implemented to reflect your brand and script
  • Easy management, especially during heavy telephone traffic periods – so, you never miss a call

Web Management & Reporting Web Management & Reporting

  • Real-time reporting illustrates call volume, successful/unsuccessful calls, call duration, average answering time & more…
  • Convenient online management of numbers and call configuration
  • Accessible at any time and from anywhere via any web browser or Smartphone App
  • Fingertip disaster recovery control
  • Easy access to recorded voicemail, calls and faxes
  • Swift connection to numbers and services
  • Simple management of audio messaging e.g. instant amendments to scripts in response to specific situations

Call Queue Call Queue

  • Ideal call management especially in times of heavy call traffic
  • Queuing off-net means you do not use your valuable capacity – ensuring calls never get missed
  • Network based – no extra hardware or software equipment required
  • A real-time call waiting report sent directly to your online portal
  • Audio personalised to suit your message and branding. You can also choose from a portfolio of pre-recorded messages and licensed on-hold music
  • Multi-call handling without any engaged tones
  • Facilities indicating a caller’s position in the queue are readily available

Call Recording Call Recording

  • Incoming and outbound calls via landline or mobile can easily get recorded. This option includes a choice of inbound-only or outbound-only options
  • No extra hardware or software equipment required
  • Operational across multiple sites including offices and homes
  • Off-net storage is available spanning between a month up to 7 years
  • Delivery of calls to your server via FTP
  • Provides a useful staff training tool, especially in cases of dispute or compliance
  • Simple ‘on & off’ functionality ensures easy and cost-effective operation
  • Fixed fees get set at a rate of 0.75p per minute – that’s a mere ¾ of a penny

Time & Date Plan Time & Date Plan

  • Built to time-specific or weekday-specific periods
  • Establish opening and closing times for your business
  • Pre-set Bank Holiday, Easter and Christmas plans are easily implemented
  • No extra hardware or software equipment required
  • Adjustments can be efficiently made online or via iPhone App (including Android)
  • Operational across multiple sites including offices and homes

Hunt Group Hunt Group

  • Pre-established destinations provide locations to route calls waiting to get answered
  • Unanswered or engaged calls get swiftly transferred to the next destination number
  • Ring times can be adjusted to suit your bespoke needs
  • No extra telephone hardware or software equipment required
  • Operational across multiple sites including offices and homes
  • Even call distribution through linear or cyclic arrangement

Multi-Phone Multi-Phone

  • Utilising several telephones for optimum efficiency
  • All calls can get directed to several mobiles or landline phone destinations – enabling them to be answered as efficiently as possible
  • Loan workers can direct calls to home lines, offices and mobiles, all at the same time – guaranteeing calls are never missed
  • An ideal solution for busy times or campaign-specific periods

Mid Call Transfer Mid Call Transfer

  • Efficient transfer of answered calls to a third party
  • Easy transfer of calls to worldwide numbers
  • No extra phone hardware or software equipment required
  • Operational across numerous sites and offices
  • Frees phone lines for future incoming calls
  • Boosts customer service with efficient call handling

Voicemail – Voice2Email Voicemail – Voice2Email

  • Greet callers in a professional way, providing personal messages for unanswered calls
  • No need for additional hardware
  • Network-based functionality takes messages when you are unable to answer the phone
  • All recorded messages are converted into Wav files and instantly emailed to a designated email address – these can get opened and listened to via PC or Smartphone
  • Message delivery to your email or server
  • Remote message recovery – wherever you are

Ratio Call Plan Ratio Call Plan

  • Sharing of incoming calls across multiple destination numbers working on a percentage or ratio basis
  • Enables even call distribution across staff and departments
  • Operational across multiple sites including offices and homes
  • No extra phone hardware or software equipment required
  • Ring times are easily adjustable to accommodate varying requirements

Disaster Recovery – Business Continuity Disaster Recovery – Business Continuity

  • Redirection of calls to pre-established people, departments or locations within seconds
  • Providing ‘one click’ disaster recovery solutions, operated via you or by the Number Supermarket team
  • Emergency back-up systems switch incoming calls to alternative lines, locations or mobiles – vital in times of emergency, ensuring no disruption to caller services
  • Keeps callers informed with pre-recorded emergency phone messages, which can be quickly amended to suit any situation
  • Convenient voicemail gives callers the opportunity to leave essential messages – guaranteeing you never miss a call
  • Remote operation means you have complete control, from a PC or Smartphone – wherever you are based

Area Call Plan Area Call Plan

  • One main 03 or 08 telephone number has the capability to service all sites
  • Efficient distribution of phone calls to a caller’s local branch or office
  • Utilising one convenient and memorable number as a easily identifiable marketing tool – nationwide
  • Innovative heat maps highlight where landline and mobile calls are coming from. That means you can strategically plan campaigns and allocate marketing budgets more effectively

Out-Of-Hours Messaging Out-Of-Hours Messaging

  • Any messages will be received and sent as a WAV file to a designated email address – these can be opened and listened to via PC or Smartphone
  • Personalised messaging can be created to communicate your services and reinforce your branding
  • Out-of-hours phone calls may be greeted with a personal message, advertising opening times and office hours – keeping callers informed right around the clock

Pre-Connection Greeting Pre-Connection Greeting

  • Personalised messaging can be created to communicate your services and reinforce your branding – providing a welcoming and professional first impression
  • Messages can be adapted to suit services, seasonal events or bespoke issues
  • No additional telephone hardware is required
  • Provides callers with the confirmation that they have contacted the correct company

Call Whisper Call Whisper

  • Boosts discretional call handling with the use of subtle messaging – heard by the answering party only and not the caller
  • Handy caller ID means you can ascertain which number the call has come from. This can the adapted to suit multiple campaign-specific calls – ensuring customers are managed accordingly and greeted in the correct manner
  • Real-time monitoring allows you to assess and track advertising response

Number Display Number Display

  • Available via mobile or landline for ease of use and monitoring
  • Enables efficient allocation of calls to the relevant department
  • Provides clear visibility of which campaign-specific calls are incoming – ensuring customers are managed accordingly and greeted in the correct manner

iPhone App (& Android) iPhone App (& Android)

  • Allowing activation of ‘disaster recovery’ even on-the-move
  • Convenient online management, allows easy call routing configuration and swift changes to settings
  • Destination numbers, hunt groups and time settings can be effortlessly amended
  • Enables access to voicemail, recorded calls and emails – wherever you are based
  • Call activity summarised in near real time – enabling you to ascertain where your customers are calling from and at what time. This marketing information is invaluable when forward planning and allocating budgets
  • Operational information is available, informing you of the busiest time of day, missed calls and more

Fax2Email Fax2Email

  • Provides a ‘paper-free’ inbound fax solution
  • All inbound faxes are delivered as a PDFs to designated email addresses
  • PDF’s can be attached simply and quickly – no hassle
  • Simple electronic archiving means no more scanning or filing of paper records

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