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02 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

Perhaps one of the main reasons you have decided to select a 02 telephone number is the fact you want to reinforce your local presence. But have you considered the many other advantages 02 geographic prefixes can bring to your business? If you are located in any of the relevant 02 number range areas, or would simply like to give the impression that you are, purchasing an 02 number from Number Supermarket is a perfect step in building out your business.

Need help and support before you buy 02 numbers? Contact us, and we can speak through every aspect of our business, including how our number ranges can be used to help support you and your company.

Buy 02 numbers

As a prefix that gets automatically associated with a specific area, your customers will instantly connect your business with that location. This is especially true of the 02 number range, which is only used by certain select locations – and is instantly recognisable to those who dial them. So, imagine what you could do by investing in a second local geographic option such as a northern-based 02 number? Just think, in addition to your regular office, you could reach out to local communities further afield. What’s more, any calls made to your additional number can be cleverly routed to your original number with a minimum of fuss. Buy an 02 number today, and your service can be set up and operational in minutes.

Why buy 02 numbers?

While many companies prefer to have non-geographic numbers such as 08 numbers or 03 numbers as their main point of contact, there are many different situations in which you may want a local number range for your business. In industries such as taxis, or anything where you want to give the instant impression that you are intrinsically linked to the area, buying an 02 number is a perfect way to do that.

Whether you are looking to invest in one or more geographic contact numbers, the Number Supermarket team are always happy to help. For more information, please call freephone on 0330 332 0400 or to buy your new number now simply follow our 3-step online shopping system.