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0872 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

Caller tariffs for 0872s get established by the ‘terminating communications provider’ and can typically cost around 10p per minute for BT customers – other networks and mobiles may vary.

If you’d like to purchase an 0872 number, our team will be able to offer help and advice – or simply purchase an 0872 number below.

Step 1: Choose your 0872 number


£9.99 / mo

+ Standard ppm call charges

Free Features Included

Perfect for any small business owner only

£9.99 / mo

  • Route to Landline & Mobile

  • Pre-Connection Greeting

  • iPhone / Android AppNEW


£14.99 / mo

+ Standard ppm call charges

Free Features Included

Great for medium to large enterprises only

£14.99 / mo

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Real-Time Reporting

  • iPhone / Android AppNEW

One invaluable advantage of 0872s is their non-geographic business influence – a great marketing tool especially during multiple campaigns.

Purchasing a 0872 prefix does give you so much more than just a new phone number, it provides an excellent opportunity to earn a regular extra income too. Are you aware that you could potentially reap between 3.5p and 4p per minute for incoming calls depending on volume? If you’re unsure – visit our homepage to see other number ranges that are available.

Let’s see how that adds up:

50,000 minutes of incoming call time equals around £1750 to £2000 per month

100,000 minutes of incoming call time would give you between £3500 and £4000 per month

One of our existing customers within the travel sector depends on their rebate of £60k a year to help maintain their fuel costs – helping their vehicles stay on the road.

Just imagine how that additional money could boost your business – and all for something you do every day, probably right now, ‘answering the telephone’.

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