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0870 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

In addition to providing your business with an impressive national presence, there are many other great advantages that 0870 telephone numbers have to offer. One of the other reasons people typically find 0870s so appealing is that they also allow callers outside of the UK to contact them (and more importantly the products and services they require) with great ease. Sound like a good idea? We agree, and that’s why Number Supermarket stocks a variety of 0870 prefixed numbers – and other ranges –  ready to enhance your business on a UK-wide scale and beyond.

Choose a package for your 0870 number


£12.99 / mo

+ Standard ppm call charges

Features Included

Perfect for any small business owner only

£12.99 / mo

  • Route to Landline & Mobile

  • Pre-Connection Greeting

  • iPhone / Android AppNEW


£18.99 / mo

+ Standard ppm call charges

Features Included

Great for medium to large enterprises only

£18.99 / mo

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Real-Time Reporting

  • iPhone / Android AppNEW

But that’s not all, here at Number Supermarket we also take the time to carefully pre-grade all our numbers (including 0870s) to create a selection of memorability levels. These range from basic Bronze right up to Silver, Gold and Platinum options. That means you can strategically select your new 0870 contact number, choosing one that looks and sounds exactly the way you want it to. After all, along with its obvious benefits, your new 0870 point of contact has the unique ability to reflect your business’ invaluable branding – using digits your callers will always remember.

Are you aware that in additional to simply choosing your new telephone number you will also discover an offer a host of complimentary features here at Number Supermarket? Of course, the various features you receive change depending on your package. Choose from our Standard, Premium and Professional bundles. From call queue management and efficient mid-call transfer to IVR auto-attendant functionality, we have a wealth of facilities designed to keep your lines of communication running – no matter what.

Remember, you can also access vital real-time data through our up-to-the-minute portal, ‘Number Manager’ – available on specific packages from the Number Supermarket range. For more information about the numerous features and packages we currently have available please visit our dedicated package packages. Alternatively, call our friendly team on our freephone number 0330 332 0400. Lines are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and all support staff are UK-based. If you’d prefer to email your enquiries, please send them to [email protected]

If you are ready to select and purchase your 0870 number today simply take your online basket through our easy 3-step shopping system. From 0870 number selection and picking a perfect package through to making secure payment – all completed in minutes, it is that simple.

Conforming to 1st July Ofcom legislation

Businesses must be fully conversant with  1st July legislation regarding ‘service numbers’. For a comprehensive guide to corporate effects visit www.ukcalling.info. In the meantime, it is imperative to ensure that all your advertising material from your website to corporate literature, ensuring that call costs are clearly displayed using the Ofcom recommend wording:

‘Calls cost xp [or xp per minute] plus your phone company’s access charge’.

Call charges for dialling 0870 numbers

Need to know how much your customers are going to pay for a call to an 0870 number? In addition to the charge per minute for calling an 0870 telephone number, service providers will also bill callers an access charge. This access charge is the same for 084, 087, 09 and 188 numbers, regardless of provider.

Some mobile phone service providers do include calls to 0870 numbers as part of the monthly minutes allocations included in a contract – this is also true on landline.

Check how much your customers will be charged per minute as an 0870 access charge below.

Service provider Charge from home phone Charge on mobile
BT 12p/minute 30p/minute
Co-op 7.2p/min 21p/min
EE 11p/minute 50p/minute
O2 N/A 55p/minute
Plusnet 9.58p/minute N/A
Post Office 11p/minute N/A
Sky 11.5p/minute 45p/minute
SSE 6.9p/minute N/A
TalkTalk 7.5p/minute 25p/minute
Three N/A 45p/minute
Virgin Media 11.25p/minute 45p/minute
Vodafone 11p/minute 55p/minute