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When it comes to the telecoms industry, queries naturally arise – from uncertainty about technicalities to details of the latest Ofcom & EU legislation and instructions of what to do in an emergency.

A. 03 numbers get aimed at three specific groups i.e. public sector organisations, businesses and individuals. 03s are designed to provide callers with greater tariff clarity, creating a culture of increased confidence. Recent EU and Ofcom legislation suggests that cohesive price structures should get put into place and any consumers contracting traders, ‘…must not be bound to pay more than the basic rate’. Therefore, 03 numbers have to be priced at the same rate as 01 or 02 options – from both landlines and mobiles.
A. There are two options available in such cases. Firstly, are you aware that you can access your Number Manager portal via any browser? Secondly, one of Number Supermarket’s engineers can quite simply activate your contingency system for you. Whichever, you choose, rest assured ‘one-click’ re-connection is achievable in minutes.
A. The fact that your prefix don’t get tied to a geographic location means that your business isn’t either. Therefore, you can achieve a national footprint with one memorable phone number – instantly raising your marketing status. Whether you choose a 03 or a 08 prefix, you can enjoy a non-geographic influence – wherever you are.
A. Not at all – that’s the beauty of our online portal (Number Manager). You get all the benefits of a multi-functional network-based operation, without the cost of installing an expensive management system.

Please don’t hesitate to enquire further via our freephone number 0330 332 0400. Alternatively you could email [email protected], and an Advice Centre representative will get back to you as soon as possible.

A. As the name suggests, a hunt group is a selection of pre-established destinations, providing essential routeing locations for calls waiting to get answered. Engaged or unanswered calls get quickly redirected to the next destination number – ensuring callers are never waiting too long. Calls can get distributed through linear or cyclic arrangement. In addition, the hunt group is operational on a multi-site scale. You will require no extra hardware or software and should you need technical assistance, our support staff are just a freephone call away via 0330 332 0400 or by emailing [email protected].
A. All Number Supermarket Standard, Advanced and Professional packages provide Voice2Email facility, which means you will never miss a message – even if you are unable to access the telephone. Clever network-based functionality means callers get greeted in a professional manner and calls are delivered directly to your email or server.
A.  Rebates are available for incoming calls made using telephone numbers with the prefix 0843, 0844, 0871 and 0872. The amount of revenue generated depends upon the volume of incoming calls received.

For your convenience we have provided a breakdown of call volumes and earning potential:

Rebate amounts range from 2 to 2.75pence per minute, for instance:

  • 1000 to 10,000 minutes gives 2.0pence per minute
  • 10,001 to 50,000 minutes generates 2.5pence per minute
  • 50,000+ minutes provides 2.75pence per minute

Therefore, 25,000 minutes would create £625 per month.

What’s more, rebates are uncapped, so your figures could look like this:

Call minutes
10,000 = £200
50,000 = £1250
100,000 = £2500

A. Certainly, there is nothing to prevent you operating both 03 and 08 prefixes. However, it is imperative to give each number equal advertising space – especially if you aren’t utilising a free-call 08 option. If using a 0845, please remember that they often come with the added benefit of potentially being coupled with the 0345 equivalent – making the transition easier and giving greater marketing flexibility.
A. There are many advantages attached to both geographic and non-geographic telephone numbers. One benefit of geographic numbers is the opportunity to create the illusion of having an additional business presence elsewhere. You may have an office in Devon but with the implementation of phone numbers featuring other area codes. You can lead customers to believe you have outlets in different locations such as Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.
A. Nowadays business is rarely just office-based, let alone 9 to 5 and that’s why all corporate telecom systems lend themselves so well to our iPhone/Android ‘Number Manager’ App. As the name suggests, this innovative App gives you the freedom (& reassurance) to manage your telephone system and monitor vital call statistics wherever you are. That means you can keep an eye on customer care issues, assess caller waiting times and even implement contingency plans in times of emergency – at any time and from anywhere.
A. All businesses share a common goal – to use marketing budgets efficiently. By utilising our innovative Heat Map facility you can pinpoint exactly where your customers are calling from and in what volume, enabling you to allocate precious marketing funds more effectively. Don’t forget, Heat Maps are easily accessible via our up-to-the-minute portal.
A. No matter how many locations your business has it is possible to use a single telephone number to cover all destinations. Our strategic, ‘area call plan’ enables one, memorable number to easily operate throughout your business network.
A. Absolutely, assigning campaign specific telephone numbers is commonplace, in fact it is the easy way to reach a nationwide audience using either non-geographic numbers or a combination of geographic options. What’s more, many customers find the handling of high volume calls easier this way. Everyone’s requirements and budgets are different, so please don’t hesitate to discuss your bespoke needs with a Number Supermarket advisor.
A. It is also the flexible way to keep your callers entertained during call queuing time. In addition to basic information such as opening hours there is a world of potential, informing and entertaining your callers. From seasonal messaging during national holidays to essential information in an emergency, your callers will be kept up-to-date at all times. Number Supermarket also provide ‘off-net’ storage with this service, sparing your valuable digital space.
A. Your new telephone number is yours to use and advertise as you wish, however they are always registered under the provider’s name. Remember there are certain Ofcom and EU Legislations which stills needs to be adhered to. For details of current rules and regulations please visit our Advice Centre or why not contact our team on freephone 0330 3320 400?
A. Despite accepting a 24-month agreement it is ok to upgrade your Number Supermarket package at any time. Customer needs rarely stay the same, so as your business grows we have the telecom facilities in place to accommodate your changing requirements. Please feel free to arrange a no-obligation consultation with a member of the Number Supermarket team.