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0300 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

Obtaining an 0300 number

Despite finding a wealth of general 03 telephone numbers displayed via the Number Supermarket site, obtaining 0300s is a little different. This system has been put in place because they are public sector numbers, set aside for non-profit organisations, charities and government departments.

Packed with features and set up in minutes, what’s stopping you getting your number today?

Choosing your 0300 number?

Do the charitable thing – move to 0300

Making the move to 0300 is both an easy and an economical transition. As most people are aware, there are many prefixes available which are categorised as free-to-phone numbers – therefore a natural choice for some industries such as the charity sector or are they? Despite being the instinctive option for some charities as their selected contact number, these don’t always rest so well with callers. In fact, although they are affordable those first two digits nevertheless can often act as a deterrent rather than an invitation to call.

Given the empathetic focus within the charity sector it isn’t surprising that so many have made the transition to a more confidence-boosting telephone number i.e. 0300. It is reassuring to know that the move to 0300 is a small change that makes a massive difference to caller assurance and clarity of cost.

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Before exploring which charities have already changed their numbers to 0300 it is imperative to examine Ofcom’s influence over the introduction of this caller-friendly prefix.

Ofcom and 03

Ofcom recognises people need to be able to contact public sector industries as affordably as possible. Therefore, they have placed great emphasis on transferring to 03.

‘Ofcom is actively encouraging public and not-for-profit bodies to use 03 numbers. These cost no more to call than a geographic (01 or 02) number, and must be included in a customers’ inclusive minutes or discount schemes’.

This statement means, more and more callers can contact essential services in the most economical way possible.

Despite Ofcom’s plan to also launch their, ‘UK Calling – Clear Call Rates For Everyone’ campaign in January 2015, the ambiguity surrounding the cost of 08 numbers continues. Thankfully no such stigma has attached itself to 03s (in particular) 0300s, which this makes them a safe choice for those who want to really reach out and truly welcome their callers.

Are you aware that Ofcom has assigned 0300 phone prefixes purely for non-profit making concerns?

What’s more you can always find and install your 0300 number with help from Number Supermarket. Don’t forget, if you can’t immediately see the number you want online, we will quickly source one for you.


Look which charities are already on 0300!


Tel: 0300 330 550

Unicef’s primary focus is the protection of child rights on a worldwide scale. Adhering to the ‘UN Convention on the Rights of the Child’ Unicef strives to raise funds for the wellbeing of youngsters throughout the UK and abroad. Employing over 250 employees, Unicef works endlessly to collect essential finance kindly donated by individuals, companies and organisations.



Tel: 0300 200 1292

Whether tackling humanitarian issues, responding to a crisis or developing changes to last a lifetime, Oxfam are always to the fore as both an extremely capable and trusted charity. Established in the 1940s Oxfam has ever since been honourably dedicated to those in need – battling poverty, disaster and hardship on a global scale.



Cancer Research                                                                Cancer Research

Tel: 0300 123 1022

As Cancer Research say their core aim is to, ‘beat cancer sooner’ and that’s what they have been doing now since their formation back in February 2002. Today, Cancer Research has lots of ways in which they raise funds to help ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ collecting charitable donations via fundraising events, campaigns and of course – over the telephone.


Alzheimer ResearchAlzheimer Research

Tel: 0300 111 555

Alzheimer Research UK has been researching into the prevention, cause and treatment of dementia since 1992. Today, they continue essential fundraising, running approximately 140 projects annually to help   realise their ultimate goal i.e. the creation of a, ‘world free from dementia’. The 2013 ‘Charitytimes Awards – recognising professionalism and leadership’ was rightly awarded to Alzheimer Research and is testament to their amazing work.




British Heart Foundation                                British Heart Foundation

Tel: 0300 330 3322

For the past 50 years, the British Heart Foundation has been fighting against heart disease, providing essential funding towards vital prevention and treatment. With around 7 million people living with the cardiovascular disease in the UK, the work of the BHF and their tireless campaigning is invaluable for keeping hearts beating nationwide.


Tel: 0300 123 0346

No animal deserves to suffer which is why the RSPCA has dedicated their time to ensure they don’t, and that has been the RSPCA’s mission since 1824. As one of the world’s largest animal welfare organisations and one of the UK’s biggest charities, the RSPCA certainly plays a pivotal role. The organisation is one which fully appreciates the generous donations that contribute towards such a worthy fight.


Isn’t it time you made the change to 0300?

03s also get included in free call packages and are covered by inclusive minute arrangements.

So, whether callers are contacting you from a landline or a mobile, they can do so safe in the knowledge that their call isn’t going to generate an astronomical bill.

Even if callers don’t have such packages in place, 03s are categorised in the same way as local area codes beginning 01 or 02. That means your callers will never be charged any more than the cost of a regular call – for example, 9p from a BT landline and around between 8 and 40p per minute from mobiles.

Changing to 03 is straightforward – you don’t need any extra equipment and you can be up & running the same day.

With more and more emphasis being placed on the affordability 0300s bring to your callers, can you really afford not to make the move?

Establishing your 0300

Don’t forget, when selecting your new 0300 : Don’t forget, when selecting your new 0300, you’ll also get a huge choice of call features, ensuring you never miss a call. These include call queue management, voice2email and IVR auto-attendant to name but a few.

Once you have selected and purchased your 03 number, we will welcome you on-board with an introductory email. This will outline the ongoing support you will receive as standard.