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0161 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

0161 is a designated prefix attached to telephone numbers covering the City of Manchester, Greater Manchester, parts of Cheshire and many of its surrounding areas, for instance, Altrincham, Oldham, Stockport and Trafford. Previously written as 061, this prefix then developed into 0161 in April 1995 – a telephone number that is now firmly associated with its north-western roots. Classed as a geographic number – due to the fact that 0161 numbers are allocated based on their geographic location – they are widely recognised and understood by the British public.

The 0161 area code gets typically charged at standard rate and gets categorised as an ordinary landline number. If you or your business is looking to get a foothold in the north-west market, buying an 0161 number is the perfect start. Choose your 0161 number from below, and we can have your new system set up within minutes.

Step 1: Choose your 0161 number

Here at Number Supermarket we know that selecting the right local 0161 number that looks and sounds the way you want it to is of paramount importance. That’s why we meticulously grade each and every single one, paying particular attention to their memorability factor. After all, telephone numbers are a critical marketing tool and an influential reflection of your brand. In addition, if you are to purchase a memorable 0161 number for marketing purposes, this could be an enormous advantage for you or your company. All of our 0161 numbers come with features including call routing, pre-connection greetings and more – although we can tailor our packages to make sure you’re getting the most out of your number, regardless of your needs.

Using your 0161 number – the Greater Manchester area code

Formatting your new 0161 contact number is simple but nevertheless, crucially important – the initial 0161 prefix should be followed by a set of three and four digits, for example, 0161 xxx xxxx. Your new 0161 number will be more memorable and easier for callers to dial. Don’t forget you can boost their memorability even further by choosing wisely from our wide selection of graded telephone numbers.

Calling an 0161 number from abroad is straightforward, all callers will need to do is to drop the first 0 and add +44, therefore dialling +44 161 xxx xxxx.

Choosing your 0161 number

You might have come across a phone number with the code 0161 then wondered which region uses this type of number in the UK. This is a geographic number and unless you know to which region it points, it might become challenging to find out where the person calling you is located. In some cases, you will receive calls from abusive individuals or people who threaten you in some way and you are not able to know who they are or what their mission would be. Having the right information about a geographic number like 0161 could help you track the location of the individual.

As mentioned on the official Areas Code website of the UK government, 0161 is a geographic number for Manchester. It’s fairly easy to know the geographic region of a number by simply searching through the official website of the government that documents all geographic numbers. Some of the cases where people have had to search for these numbers include where one is confronted with an emergency and they have to direct officials to the right spot to respond to the emergency. You need to give accurate geographic information to make the process of resolving your problem easier, so understanding which numbers represent which geographical regions is vital.

If you require further information regarding 0161 telephone numbers (or indeed any other geographic or non-geographic contact numbers), our dedicated team is always available via freephone on 0330 332 0400. Our lines are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week – after all business never stops, and we don’t either. If you would prefer to email please send any enquiries to [email protected]

To purchase your new 0161 telephone number today, simply pick up your online basket and follow our easy 3-step shopping system.