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0141 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

A geographic telephone number such as 0141 is the easy way for you to reassure callers that your business is a dedicated part of their local community. As you are probably aware, a 0141 number is location-specific to the Glasgow region. However, you may not know that it also extends its reach to many areas close by, such as Busby, Maryhill, Paisley and Springburn? In fact, there are various neighbouring places covered by 0141, stretching from Clydebank through to Croftfoot.

Remember all 0141s get categorised as normal landline numbers and get typically charged at standard call rate – eliminating any confusion callers may associate with alternative telephone numbers.

Step 1: Choose your 0141 number

Customers calling from overseas will also get reassured when they find all that needs to be done is to add 44 and lose the 0, dialling +44 141 xxx xxxx instead.

Purchasing your new 0141 telephone number couldn’t be simpler, especially with our easy 3-step shopping system – taking you through the process without any fuss.

Remember, once you have your new 0141 telephone number established it is paramount that you display it in the correct format, which appears as follows:

0141 xxx xxxx

Why choose an 0141 number?

A number which has the digits 0141 in front of it indicates that it a Glasgow number, but it may also be a Paisley or Renfrew number. This does mean it straddles county lines; Glasgow being a city in Lanarkshire and the other two are towns in Renfrewshire, despite both being on the outskirts of Glasgow. Renfrew was the historic capital of the county of Renfrewshire but that has now changed.

As with all numbers specific to a geographic region of the UK these numbers cost up to 13p per minute on a landline and from 3p to 55p per minute on a mobile, but please note that the price on a mobile is approximate, so check with your mobile provider to make sure of the current rate.

If you are calling an 0141 from a payphone or from abroad it is likely to be more expensive. If you ring from abroad you should the number +44, which is the code for the UK, and not use the first 0 or leading zero.

What are the benefits to me of buying an 0141 number?

Local numbers such as 0141 are preferable to 071 and 070 numbers, as well as business rate numbers (0843 etc.) which have an additional access charge. That said, many local Glasgow businesses may chose to have a freephone number instead to help their customers, that is 0800 or 0808, or even prefer to use a mobile.

Note that only non-geographic numbers can contain additional access charges or service charges so you can be confident that the charges above are with no additional charges, which is always reassuring to know. Note that as most people know the rate of local calls the prices are rarely stated when you phone businesses with these lines, nor do they have to according to the rules of Ofcom.

Please note that numbers for mobile phones which started 01410 and 01411 have now changed (they were never linked to Glasgow). They are now 07710 and 07711. Numbers for Glasgow and the surrounding district still do not start with an 0 or a 1 after the 0141, using other numbers.

The Glasgow area code – more about 0141 numbers

If you have a complaint over being wrongly billed it is best to contact your phone provider, whether you have a landline or mobile line. You may wish to tell Ofcom of your problem, though they are unable to deal with individual complaints it may help them to know.

Despite sounding like a minor technicality, the correct arrangement of digits effects how your callers remember and dial your number. You can boost the memorability factor of your new 0141 telephone number further by choosing wisely from our pre-graded portfolio.

Of course, you may still have questions before establishing your 0141 prefixed number, such as which features would suit your bespoke business needs or what the differences between geographic and non-geographic actually are.

For answers to all these and more please call the Number Supermarket team on freephone 0330 332 0400, our lines are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. If you’d prefer to email us, you can send any enquiries at any time to [email protected]