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0118 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

Establishing the right geographical 01 or 02 number depends on selecting one that is location-specific to your business. As you know, the prefix 0118 operates throughout Reading – but did you know that it is also active in the surrounding areas of Arborfield Cross, Caversham and Pangbourne? In fact, 0118 is the designated local area code throughout the region, from Tadley right across to Tilehurst. Please don’t hesitate to confirm whether or not 0118 is the suitable option for your business. Our expert team have a thorough understanding of assigned locations, meaning you can buy an 0118 number with peace of mind.

Step 1: Choose your 0118 number


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0118 was established as Reading’s area code back in April 1996 and has ever since get circulated as a normal landline number charged at standard rate. So, it is safe to say that your callers will instantly recognise your new 0118 number as being local and affordable.

Everything you need to know before you purchase an 0118 number

Numbers beginning with 0118 are from Reading and the surrounding area. This includes the following: 01182 numbers, 01183 numbers, 01184 numbers, 01189 numbers and all other numbers that start with the digits 0118, regardless of what the following digits are or how the numbers are formatted.

Whilst most numbers using the 0118 area code are typically Reading landlines there will be instances, and this is applicable for all UK area codes, where services use such numbers despite not being geographically situated in the area.

Below is a comprehensive list of locations using the 0118 area code:

  • Arborfield Cross
  • Bradfield
  • Burghfield Common
  • Caversham
  • Earley
  • Eversley
  • Heckfield
  • Kidmore End
  • Mortimer
  • Pangbourne
  • Silchester
  • Spencers Wood
  • Reading
  • Tadley
  • Theale
  • Tilehurst
  • Twyford
  • Wargrave
  • Wokingham
  • Woodley
  • Woolhampton

The 0118 Area Code History

The Reading area code has undergone several changes. It was originally 0734 which was changed to 01734 during April 1995, as part of a nationwide renumbering. In 1998, 0118 was formally established as Reading’s area code when all numbers were extended from 6 to 7 digits.

How do you write an 0118 telephone number

For telephone numbers beginning with 0118, the correct way to write them down is in the format 0118 xxx xxxx.

The part of the number after the dialling code is known as the local number and is 7 digits long.

For example, consider the number beginning with 01189. It is not an area code in its own right. The area code is still 0118, and the following digit is 9 part of the local number. Therefore, 01189 should actually be written with a space between the dialling code and the local number as written in the following 0118 9. 

The cost of calling an 0118 number

Calling 0118 numbers comes with costs. When calling from a landline, calls to 0118 numbers can cost up to 10p per minute. This is dependent on the time of day, and there is usually an additional call set-up fee. When calling these numbers from mobile phones, the cost increases to between 10p and 40p per minute.

Inclusive call packages are offered by most landline operators offer that allow calls free at certain times of the day, or at all times. There are many mobile companies who offer free any-time minutes in the monthly contract payment, or a bundle of minutes for a reduced cost in the form of a top-up credit.

Another element you may not have considered when choosing your 0118 telephone number is its memorability factor. Crucial for the branding and marketing of your business, your telephone number can become memorable in two ways.

Firstly, it is vital that you present the telephone numbers in the correct format i.e. 0118 xxx xxxx. This importance may look like a small detail it nevertheless has a big impact on the way callers remember and dial it.

Secondly, the team at Number Supermarket have been working hard behind the scenes to grade all their numbers strategically according to how memorable they are. You will see exactly how the numbers differ depending on whether they get ranked as Bronzer, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

To choose your 0118 telephone number today please take your online basket along our 3-step purchasing system. Alternatively if you’d like more information why not call us freephone on 0330 332 0400? For your convenience, our dedicated team is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.