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0151 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

The addition of a memorable geographic telephone number is an instant way to tell your callers that you are a local company, based nearby, and for many customers this is significantly reassuring. If your base is in the City of Liverpool or indeed one of its bordering locations, then a 0151 telephone number is the option to choose. 0151s naturally accommodate Liverpool but are also operational in various surrounding areas such as Aintree, Birkenhead, Ellesmere Port and Widnes – to name but a few. If you would like to get a foothold in the Merseyside area, buy an 0151 number today.

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April 1995 witnessed today’s 0151 area code replace the previous 051 prefix, in circulation now for almost 20 years 0151 has become firmly established throughout the North-West.

0151 telephone numbers get typically charged at standard rate – a fee your callers will undoubtedly be familiar with prior to contacting you. They are considered to be a regular landline number.

Why choose an 0151 number? What do I need to know before I buy?

0151 is the STD code or telephone area code for Liverpool. The area covered by the 0151 code includes Liverpool itself, the Wirral peninsula and some of the surrounding region. It extends as far as West Kirby to the west, Widnes to the east, Formby to the north and Ellesmere Port to the south. In terms of counties, it encompasses Merseyside in its entirety as well as some parts of Cheshire. The area is split into two halves by the River Mersey, and is bounded to the south-west by the Dee Estuary and North Wales beyond.

Prior to April 1995, the code for the area was 051. Due to the need to free up number ranges for different types of service, PhONEday on April 16th 1995 added a 1 prefix to most area codes in the UK. including Liverpool’s. As with most UK areas, the local numbers did not change at this time.

0151 is a three digit code (not counting the initial zero), which means that local numbers following it have seven digits. Almost all UK numbers have ten digits in total, after the first zero, so the length of the local number depends on the size of the area code. Local numbers in this area can begin with any digit other than 0 or 1. Callers dialing from within the area can omit the 0151 as they can in most UK dialling code areas.

The Liverpool area code – more about 0151 numbers

The first three digits of the local number historically represented the exchange it was connected to, originally utilising the lettering system on rotary dial telephones. Many numbers still correspond to this convention, so it is often possible to tell where in the area a particular number is located.

0151 numbers are classed as geographic numbers, and calls to them will be at standard landline rates. They will be included in deals with free calls to landlines, and typically be included in the free minutes offered with mobile phone contracts. Calls to 0151 numbers usually cost up to 13 pence per minute from a landline and from 5 – 55 pence per minute from a mobile. Although these numbers will normally be allocated to fixed line telephones in the Liverpool region, they can also be used by businesses or services with no physical connection to the area. Like other UK dialing codes, there is no longer any guarantee that geographical numbers are physically present in the area they are attached to.

Choosing the right 0151 number for your business

OK, you have decided to go with a geographic telephone number – good choice, and here at Number Supermarket we have an excellent selection of 0151 prefixes waiting to enhance your business. We have also taken the time to grade every single number, awarding a memorability factor ranging from Bronze right up to Platinum. After all, when you have your new 0151 number in place, you want callers to remember it.  But that’s not everything, we also provide a host of features such as ‘Disaster Recovery’ and ‘Call Messaging’ – helping your lines of communication run as smoothly as possible.

If you are ready to pick the perfect 0151 prefix today, you will find our 3-step shopping system is both simple and secure. However, we understand that you may still have questions that need answering – please don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable team by emailing [email protected]. Alternatively why not call freephone on 0330 332 0400? Our lines are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year.