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Welcome to Number Supermarket’s dedicated ‘Advice Centre’ – the place to come for up-to-the-minute information and friendly technological assistance. Telecoms is constantly evolving - witnessing regular industry advancements. Therefore, our Advice Centre makes it a priority to stay abreast of what is happening, ensuring you can access the advice you need, when you need it.

Our Advice Centre takes you through all aspects of geographic and non-geographic numbers – explaining the benefits of each. We explore telecom features you may have already heard about and some that might be completely new to you. Of course, we also highlight instructions of what to do in a telecoms emergency, using our ‘one-click’ disaster recovery facility. Log on to access at-a-glance product & service information and contemporary news from the world of telecoms.

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Fake Number Ranges: Here are the numbers reserved exclusively for TV & Radio shows

Have you ever found yourself in front of EastEnders or Coronation Street, watching a scene where a character picks up a ringing phone with the caller’s number clearly displayed? Have you ever noticed a telephone number prominently plastered across a shop front in a television drama or a film? And if you have, has it

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Ofcom’s Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review – what will it mean?

Published in July 2018, the 90-page report ‘Future Telecoms Infrastructure Review‘ recommends ways to accelerate the roll-out of full fibre and 5G networks across the whole of the UK. Presented by the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, Jeremy Wright, the report puts the case for encouraging the use of full fibre

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SwitchboardFree vs NumberSupermarket

The main objective for every business is to profit maximisation. However, this goal can only get achieved if the business organisation is centring on satisfying the customer needs, efficient services, and public relations. Internal and external business communications determine the environment, relationships and performance of the business organisation. SwitchboardFree and Number Supermarket are to some

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Why is call reporting so important when you buy a telephone number?

Businesses have been using call reporting software for many years with great success. There are various reasons for the implementation of call recording, some businesses use call recording to monitor the traffic on their phone lines while others use it for security and to maintain control over their telecommunications expenditure. Information is power and having

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How much does it cost to buy a phone number?

You’d think that buying a dedicated fixed line number for your business would be expensive and complex. Fortunately this process can be simple and affordable. There are several options available for buying a dedicated business number on NumberSupermarket, which can be tailored depending on budget and usage needs. To get started with your unique phone

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What is SIP trunking?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and is the way in which internet service providers allow the delivering of telephone services and unified communications across the internet. Customers have to be equipped with SIP private branch exchange and unified communication facilities in order to use the service. The software that operates unified communications then

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How can I get cheap 0800 numbers?

To get 0800 numbers is a sure way of gaining an edge over business competitors for any company that wishes to grow. You can attract many customers without spending large sums of money that can be invested elsewhere. 0800 numbers are cheap while those that have charges are not costly. These numbers will allow your

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Can I point a virtual telephone number to a mobile?

Virtual telephone numbers or NGN’s are a great product for any companies that do not want to use a local number. There may be many reasons for this including having offices all over the country or it just being easier for customers to have one main point of contact instead of loads of different numbers

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What are the rules around call rebates in the UK?

Buy 084 & 087 Numbers The amount of call rebate you receive depends on the company you chose. It should come as no surprise that the companies offering basic call services charge a smaller rebate, but an advanced service may offer ultimately highly dividends. First a basic service. Using a 0871 number may earn £3.60

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Inbound phone call rebates – how can I generate rebates on my inbound calls?

Buy 084 & 087 Numbers We offer rebates on 084 and 087 numbers – purchase a number by clicking above, and a member of our team can advise on exactly how much you can earn per minute. For further information on how rebates generally work, read below. Numbers starting with 084, 087, and 03 are

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EU & Ofcom ensure talk is cheap

Have you heard what EU and Ofcom are saying? 03 is to become the new 08, providing greater clarity of cost for callers (free from landline and mobiles) and a non-geographic footprint for you.

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