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Welcome to Number Supermarket’s dedicated ‘Advice Centre’ – the place to come for up-to-the-minute information and friendly technological assistance. Telecoms is constantly evolving - witnessing regular industry advancements. Therefore, our Advice Centre makes it a priority to stay abreast of what is happening, ensuring you can access the advice you need, when you need it.

Our Advice Centre takes you through all aspects of geographic and non-geographic numbers – explaining the benefits of each. We explore telecom features you may have already heard about and some that might be completely new to you. Of course, we also highlight instructions of what to do in a telecoms emergency, using our ‘one-click’ disaster recovery facility. Log on to access at-a-glance product & service information and contemporary news from the world of telecoms.

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03 or 08…Which is best for small businesses?

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Getting Your International Business Number

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Vanity Numbers – making your business truly memorable

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How much are calls to 0333 numbers?

O3 numbers have increasingly grown in popularity and are now a firm favourite for businesses of all sizes, especially those who want to create a national presence. Much like other geographic numbers such as 0800 or indeed 0808, 03 contact numbers are a caller-friendly option in terms of their attractive affordability factor. What’s more, with

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How much does it cost to call an 0370 number on FreedomPop?

Numbers starting with 03 were introduced in 2007 to allow businesses to offer a single point of contact across the UK, with the same rates as normal 01 and 02 numbers attract. As such, a calling a 0370 number costs the same as a call to a normal home or business landlines. Ofcom, the UK’s

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How much does it cost to call an 08 number on FreedomPop?

Since 2012, FreedomPop has created a sizable phone service in the UK running on the 4G network. They believe in making calls and texts as free as they can as well as connecting various devices. You can buy a FreedomPop device at a number of online stores; check their website for details. The price for

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How much does it cost to call an 01 number on FreedomPop?

Numbers starting with “01” are normal lines, used by homes, businesses, and individuals. These numbers are geographic numbers, meaning, the location of the subscriber may be identified using the number. For example “223” is the area code for Cambridge, and the phone number starting with “01223” means the location of the subscriber is Cambridge. Ofcom,

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How much does it cost to call an 0872 number on FreedomPop?

0872 numbers are service numbers, where the caller pays a higher amount, compared to normal landline call rates, for the service being provided. Ofcom, which regulates the call charges in the UK, has set a range of 11p to 68p per minute, for 0872 numbers. This is in addition to a 13p charge per-call. As

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How much does it cost to call an 03 number on FreedomPop?

03 numbers are chargeable numbers similar to 08 numbers, introduced in 2007 to allow organisations to offer their consumers a single national point of contact without additional service charges. Rate wise, calls to 03 numbers are similar to calls made to standard 01 and 02 numbers. Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator who regulate rates for

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How much does it cost to call an 0844 number on FreedomPop?

FreedomPop believes in rewriting the rules of mobile phone services ever since it was established in 2011. It currently uses the 4G LTE network and works to create free data not only on mobile phones, but also with Dropbox and Skype. However the way 0844 are organised prevents them from being free. For these type

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EU & Ofcom ensure talk is cheap

Have you heard what EU and Ofcom are saying? 03 is to become the new 08, providing greater clarity of cost for callers (free from landline and mobiles) and a non-geographic footprint for you.

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