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Welcome to Number Supermarket’s dedicated ‘Advice Centre’ – the place to come for up-to-the-minute information and friendly technological assistance. Telecoms is constantly evolving - witnessing regular industry advancements. Therefore, our Advice Centre makes it a priority to stay abreast of what is happening, ensuring you can access the advice you need, when you need it.

Our Advice Centre takes you through all aspects of geographic and non-geographic numbers – explaining the benefits of each. We explore telecom features you may have already heard about and some that might be completely new to you. Of course, we also highlight instructions of what to do in a telecoms emergency, using our ‘one-click’ disaster recovery facility. Log on to access at-a-glance product & service information and contemporary news from the world of telecoms.

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How much does it cost to call an 03 number on VOXI?

While 03 numbers have been around for a decade or more, many consumers are still not aware that they are little more than an alternative to the more traditional 08 series of numbers. As such, they are usually charged at the same rate as a call made to an area code beginning with 01, or

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How much does it cost to call an 08 number on VOXI?

UK based phone numbers that begin with 08 are classed as non-geographical numbers, meaning they will not be treated as long distance calls. Typically, such numbers will appear begin with 0800, 0845 or 0870 and are traditionally used by orgnaisations for promotional purposes. VOXI will charge 45p per minute for all calls made to 08

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How much does it cost to call an 0370 number on VOXI?

Many people consider a 0370 number to be free as there’re no calls charges. But, it’s essential to note that the contact is charged at local rates, the same way as 0808 and 0800 numbers. In the VOXI network, a pay-as-you-go monthly payment includes your calling expenses. Once you pay for a VOVI’s SIM only

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How much does it cost to call an 0845 number on VOXI?

So you want to call a number beginning 0845, and wonder how much it would cost through VOXI? Wonder no longer! Numbers that begin in 0845 are known as NGNs, which stands for “non-geographic number”. In other words, a number that is based in the UK but not necessarily in one particular area code –

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How much does it cost to call an 0843 number on VOXI?

UK telephone numbers starting with 0843 are normally charged special rates, depending on whether one calls using a mobile phone or landline. When using mobile, one can pay up to 41 pence per minute. The cost is mainly influenced by the network provider. On the other hand, using landline costs less; about 13 pence per

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How much does it cost to call an 0333 number on VOXI?

0333 numbers are described as non-geographic phone numbers. This means they cannot be traced to a specific region of the UK or Northern Ireland. They are used by businesses who wish to remain neutral in terms of locality or to allow a constant phone line (localised numbers may not work if there is a fault

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Are 0330 numbers included in minutes?

Being one of the newer number ranges about, there are still a lot of questions remaining about 0330 numbers. Despite the fact that consumers are getting increasingly used to dealing with the number range, people still have many questions regarding the cost of calling 0330 telephone numbers. Surprisingly, the charges for 0330 numbers are very

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How much does it cost to call an 0330 number on VOXI?

A phone number prefixed with a 0330 is a non-geographical area code. It’s used by individuals who wish not to reveal their locations by using the standard UK area codes. VOXI charges its services on a monthly basis. It offers SIM only deals having unlimited minutes, texts, and social media data. Once your plan expires,

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How much does it cost to call an 0800 number on VOXI?

If you wish to call a number beginning with 0800 on VOXI, you will be delighted to know that this is free. Traditionally, it has cost money to call freephone numbers such as those beginning with the prefixes 0800 and 0808 from a mobile device – yes, even those belonging to customer service lines or

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How much does it cost to call an 01 number on Voxi?

VOXI is a mobile service that comes from Vodafone. It’s a service for people under 30 years of age. How much it costs to call any 01 number on VOXI will depend. If you have one of VOXI’s 30-day endless plans, then it includes unlimited calls to 01 numbers. On the other hand, if you

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EU & Ofcom ensure talk is cheap

Have you heard what EU and Ofcom are saying? 03 is to become the new 08, providing greater clarity of cost for callers (free from landline and mobiles) and a non-geographic footprint for you.

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