How much does it cost to call an 0843 number on Virgin Media?

0843 numbers are mostly service numbers. Thus they are usually charged using special rates. Calls made to 0843 numbers are charged at higher rates when compared to calls made to normal landlines numbers because when calculating the total cost of the call, a service fee of surcharge is normally included. 0843 number is normally used to generate profit from the telephone company or the organization that is being called. Because of this reason, some of the common uses of 0843 include:

• Chargeable support lines and information
• Conference calls
• Travel booking and event ticket booking services
• Pre-sales info lines.

Unlike the traditional phone numbers, 0843 numbers are not linked or associated with any geographic location – making them perfect purchases for small businesses. The cost of the calls made to 0843 numbers are normally divided into two; service charge and the access charge. The Organization or company that the client will be calling sets the service charge. Calls made to 0843 numbers in the United Kingdom range between 0p to 7p depending on the service provider and the organization that the client is calling.

Call charges to 0843 numbers on Virgin Media?

Calls made to 0843 on Virgin Mobile are determined using the service charge and the access charge. Virgin Media is a phone call service provider, they can only determine the access charge. The company that you will be contacting will determine the service charge. The access charge to 0843 numbers is charged at 50p per minute. Depending on the company that the user will be calling, the service charge will be advertised on the company’s website or through print media.In case 0843 numbers are included in the user’s bundle, then the user will not be charged the service charge as well as the access charge. If you are not sure of the service charge, then you can research online.