How much does it cost to call an 0844 number on TalkTalk?

An 0844 number is used by businesses and is typically more expensive to call than ordinary mobile or landline numbers. The total cost of calling an 0844 number takes the form of two parts. The first part is the standard per minute access charge that your network operator provider charges you to connect the call. This is usually the more expensive part and varies depending on whether you are using a landline or mobile, who your network operator is, and the type of deal you have. The second part of the charge is known as the service charge which is charged by the business themselves as payment for the service they provide and can cost up to 7p per minute. If you would like to get an 0844 number, we at Number Supermarket are available to help.

Calling 0844 on TalkTalk

TalkTalk landline charges a standard fee of 7.5p per minute for their access charge when calling an 0844 number no matter the type of subscription you have. The total cost therefore can be a maximum of 14.5p per minute, depending on the service charge which can be found on the website of the business you are calling. Calling an 0844 number on TalkTalk mobile is much more expensive than calling on a landline, with a mobile access charge of 25p per minute when calling an 0844 number. This means that the total cost of calling an 0844 number is up to 32p per minute, again depending on the service charge.

Overall then it is better to call an 0844 number on a TalkTalk landline rather than on a TalkTalk mobile if possible, with the maximum charge when calling on a landline being 14.5 pence per minute compared to the maximum charge of 32 pence per minute on mobile, with calls from a landline always being cheaper than calls from a mobile.