How much does it cost to call an 0843 number on VOXI?

UK telephone numbers starting with 0843 are normally charged special rates, depending on whether one calls using a mobile phone or landline. When using mobile, one can pay up to 41 pence per minute. The cost is mainly influenced by the network provider.

On the other hand, using landline costs less; about 13 pence per minute. Some landline companies periodically offer free minutes calls to customers using this numbers. In general, the calls are charged higher than normal numbers’ calls since most are used for commercial purposes.

The numbers are mostly used on chargeable information, support lines, event and travel bookings services, conference call services, and pre-sale information lines.

VOXI call costs to 0843 numbers

Need to know how much you’re going to be charged as a VOXI customer for phoning a certain number range? Discover your call charges below.

A minimum one-minute call charge applies and calls are charged per minute thereafter Cost a minute
National, local (01, 02, 03) and other VOXI and Vodafone numbers 30p
Other mobile networks 30p
Calls to voicemail 30p
Charity numbers starting 0800 or 0808 Free
Freephone (0800, 0808) Free
Decommissioned freephone (0500) 45p
Non-Geographic (08, 09, 118) 45p access charge plus a service charge
To Vodafone preferred DQ number (118 881) 45p access charge plus 80p service charge
Personal numbers / calling cards (starting 07 or 070, but not UK mobile networks) ( xed fee in some cases) 45p
Call forwarding services (eg. 07744, 07755) 45p
Video calling to Vodafone mobiles 45p
Video calling to other UK mobiles 45p
Radio-paging services (start 076) 45p per call


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