How much does it cost to call an 0843 number on Plusnet Mobile?

0843 numbers are those that are “service numbers”. This means that numbers under this ‘area code’ are not linked to any specific regions or locations. They are regularly used by companies as their support helplines, sales information lines, conference calling services and booking lines for travel, and events.

Due to these numbers being used for specific service purposes, they are usually more expensive to dial than geographical area codes, as you are paying a service charge for the extra service being provided through these lines.

On Plusnet Mobile, the cost of calling a number beginning with 0843 is split into two parts:

  • A standard ‘Access Charge’ of 9.58p per minute, which is set by Plusnet as their charge to connect you to this number
  • A ‘Service Charge’ which is an amount set by the company you are calling as their charge for the service they’re providing you. This amount will vary depending on the company you are calling, time of day, and how busy their lines are.

This means if a company is charging 10p per minute as their service, you will be paying 19.58p per minute to phone their line.

Call charges to 0843 numbers on Plusnet Mobile

According to our latest research, customers of Plusnet Mobile can expect to pay the following for calls to each number range

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