How much does it cost to call an 0844 number on Virgin Media?

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Virgin Media provide customers with a wide range of call plans to suit their needs, so whether you are a SIM-only customer or a contract member, Virgin Media are able to provide high quality call plans that suit your needs.
There are a number of call packages that can be designed to suit you and your business’s needs, and this includes contacting 0844 numbers. If you’re looking to purchase an 0844 number, buy now from Number Supermarket here.
When using Virgin Media to contact 0844 numbers, they are classed as premium rates and incur two separate charges: an access and service charge.

0844 call costs for Virgin Media customers

The access charged is charged by your provider, and in this case, Virgin Media. Virgin Media charge up to 50 pence per minute to all calls made to 0844 numbers, and this is incurred up to a 60-minute period.
The service charge is charged by the company you are contacting and can vary in price depending upon the company you are calling. The majority of service charges are mentioned at the start of a call to 0844 numbers and your total bill, including the access charge can be found on your regular statement, or by contacting your provider.