How much does it cost to call an 0872 number on Lycamobile?

Many contact centres use 0872 numbers, and this can be quite frustrating, because these numbers are not free to call on a mobile phone. Lycamobile charges 23 pence per minute to call an 0872 number, and on top of that the company that you are calling can opt to add an additional fee.

When you call an 0872 number, you will be told the fee that the company has set for that number. Whatever is mentioned is the amount that is going to be charged on top of the basic 23 pence per minute that Lycamobile is already charging you. Do not forget that, otherwise you may be hit with a fairly hefty charge at the end of the month, or run out of credit faster than you expect.

Cost of calling 0872 numbers on Lycamobile

According to information on the Lycamobile website, here’s are the call charges that those who use the network can expect to incur. Please note, these may be liable to change, but were believed to be correct at the time of publication.

Number rangeCost /minService fee
0843£0.23May vary
0844£0.23May vary
0845£0.23May vary
0870£0.23May vary
0871£0.23May vary
0872£0.23May vary
09£0.23May vary
118£0.23May vary
Lycamobile membersFreeFree
Other UK networks£0.19N/A
SMS to Lycamobile membersFreeN/A
SMS to other networks£0.19N/A
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