How much does it cost to call an 0870 number on Lycamobile?

Lycamobile bundles and packages offer free calls to UK landline numbers, but 0870 numbers are not included in that package. If you wish to call an 0870 number then you will have to pay a fee. The basic fee charged by Lycamobile is 23 pence per minute. On top of that, the company that you are calling has the option to set an additional charge, which is usually between 1 and 7p per minute. You will be informed about any additional charges set by the company at the start of the call. Remember that even if there is no extra charge, the basic 23p per minute will still apply.

The 0870 numbers have raised a lot of controversy regarding their charges. Many people do not understand that these numbers have surcharge inclusion. This means service charge is added by the organisation you are calling for their services offered. We are a successful company that has been in the telecommunications industry for a long offering 0870 numbers. We offer these numbers with free charge advice since the service charges vary from entity to entity.

The numbers are mainly used by hotels, parastatals, government offices, support lines, dating platforms, health care centres, and so on. Many companies do not use the 0870 numbers for their customer care services thus you need to be careful when buying them. LycaMobile charges £0.23 per minute as access cost for the 0870. Service cost varies thus it is difficult to give the conclusive cost. You should check how much the organisation or entity you are calling charges before you place a call.

Cost of calling 0870 numbers on Lycamobile

According to information on the Lycamobile website, here’s are the call charges that those who use the network can expect to incur. Please note, these may be liable to change, but were believed to be correct at the time of publication.

Number range Cost /min Service fee
01 £0.12 Free
02 £0.12 Free
0300 £0.12 Free
0330 £0.12 Free
0333 £0.12 Free
0345 £0.12 Free
0370 £0.12 Free
0843 £0.23 May vary
0844 £0.23 May vary
0845 £0.23 May vary
0870 £0.23 May vary
0871 £0.23 May vary
0872 £0.23 May vary
09 £0.23 May vary
118 £0.23 May vary
0800 Free Free
0808 Free Free
116 Free Free
Lycamobile members Free Free
Other UK networks £0.19 N/A
SMS to Lycamobile members Free N/A
SMS to other networks £0.19 N/A
Data 12p/MB N/A
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