How much does it cost to call an 0872 number on GiffGaff?

GiffGaff sim-only deals give users a data and minutes allowance each month. However, business and personal 0872 numbers are not included in these goodybag deals, and cost extra for GiffGaff users.

0872 calls charges are made up of two parts:

1. The access charge – paid to GiffGaff. Currently 25p per minute.
2. The service charge – paid to the company you are calling. Up to 13p per minute

There is a minimum access charge of 25p for 0872 calls on GiffGaff, but after the first minute the access charge is charged by the second. So a 72 second call would include an access charge of 30p (25p minimum + 5p for 12 additional seconds over the first minute).

Companies using 0872 numbers must be clear about service charge costs when advertising these numbers.

In total the maximum cost of a call to an 0872 number on GiffGaff is 38p per minute.