How much does it cost to call an 0872 number on EE?

The cost to customers of making phone calls varies greatly depending on several factors:

  • the number being called;
  • the network and tariff the caller is on;
  • whether the call is being made on a landline or on a mobile phone.

Numbers beginning 0872 tend to be used by entities such as banks and utility companies, and also by TV companies for shows involving public voting.

Here is a brief guide to the cost of calling 0872 prefixes on EE:

EE pay monthly mobile customers, and EE SIM only mobile customers pay 50p per minute.

EE Pay As You Go customers, and EE Small Business Customers are charged at 44p per minute.

For EE Broadband and Phone customers the fee is 11p a minute.

(All rates are inclusive of VAT).

In addition to these costs a Service Charge will be levied by the organisation being contacted