How much does it cost to call an 0872 number on TalkTalk?

Talk Talk aim to make sure that they clarify what is involved in calling 0872 numbers and what charges will be incurred by their customers. Although use of 0872 numbers is decreasing in the United Kingdom, they are still being used by many public and private organisations such as hospitals and banks. We are likely to continue to see their usage drop, however they are likely to be used for a while longer. This means that it is really important to understand the charges incurred when using these non-geographic landline numbers. With TalkTalk and most other telephone providers, calls to 0872 numbers will not be included in any monthly deal or package with inclusive calls – you will pay for using an 0872 number. TalkTalk currently charge an access charge of 12p per minute. This would be in addition to a service charge per minute – this price should be advertised by the organisation that you are calling.