How much does it cost to call an 0870 number on FreedomPop?

The phone numbers with the prefix 0870 are usually business rate numbers. The cost of calling this numbers depends on the mobile networks one is using. The calls are part of monthly call allowances also referred to as pay as you go bundles.

The 0870 numbers have their charge broken down into two separate costs. The access charge, which is a cost paid to one’s mobile network provider and the service charge which settled to the organisation or company you are calling.

The service charge for this numbers can be as high as 13 pence per minute, and can depend on the 0870 number being called – this is no different on FreedomPop. Companies using them must state their costs when advertising. For the access charge, most companies have a minimum charge of 1 minute. This money paid to the mobile phone company provider will vary from as low of 8 pence per minute to 55 pence per minute. The Phone –paid services Authority regulate this numbers

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