The history of the 0330 number range

The history of the 0330 number can be traced back to 2007. The government regulator, Ofcom, called for the use of expensive 084 numbers to be reconsidered by large businesses. These numbers were proving to be expensive for the consumer, especially when having to wait in a telephone queue to speak to an operator.

This move led to the birth of the ’03’ number, that continues to increase in popularity to this day. However, many people still do not understand what an ’03’ number is and their significance for the consumer. They are a non-geographic, special phone number that does not allow the identification of the area that the landline phone number is based in.

Usually, 0330 numbers are used by large, corporate organisations such as government departments, some hospitals and businesses. They are not used by individual households.

More about 0330 numbers

The main advantage of using an 0330 number is to the consumer. This is because the number costs exactly the same to call as a traditional, geographic number that begins with ’01’ or ’02’ does. You would therefore be charged exactly the same if you were using an 0330 number.

Many households have some sort of free calls attached to their telephone package, such as free phone calls during the evening and at the weekends. If this is the case then during these free periods 0330 numbers will not incur any additional charges when they are called. Also, many mobile phone contracts come with so many minutes included in the monthly tariff that you are paying. If this is the case and you have enough minutes left then you will also not incur any additional charges for using an 0330 telephone number. This is why you may want to buy 0330 numbers online.

Many people therefore consider the 0330 number range to be a freephone number. It is important to point out that it is not. Truly freephone telephone numbers begin with 0808 and 0800. The 0330 number range only appears to be free as in many circumstances you will not incur any charges for using it. However, outside of the specific packages that you have on your telephone contract whether that is mobile or landline the number is chargeable at the same rate as ’01’ or ’02’ numbers.

All numbers that start with ’03’ can be considered to have the same tariff and terms and conditions attached to them. Charges will therefore be the same as 0330 numbers.