How can I best use a telephone number in my marketing material?

You may be thinking to yourself,“How can I best use a telephone number in my marketing material?” Well, it is 2017, and your telephone number and marketing material should be going hand and hand. This is because often many businesses especially a start-up can find it very hard to track how its customers are finding out about the company. The locations of all these customers could be different for example some could be coming from the internet, or some could be even coming good old print form such as a poster. In today’s age of the web, you can track where your customers are coming from and who your customers are, and this is called analytics. For example, through analytics, you can even see what age your clients are and how they managed to find your start up business.

Using telephone numbers as an integral part of your marketing

You now may be wondering to yourself, “That is great but what if I have no access to the internet? How am I supposed to know how most of my customers are finding my company?” Well, now with technology you can use a range of telephone numbers to track your marketing of the business off the internet. You can start by purchasing an 0800 number for your business. 

The first method is by purchasing 0808 telephone numbers for use in your marketing material. You company would be could also use a whole range of different telephone numbers for each different marketing campaign of the business. This is an excellent way to ensure that you can track your customers and where they are coming from. This is because if you put a separate phone number on say your business website on the internet and your telephone number on that website gets contacted that ensures you that those customers are finding your business on your site through the web.

Other ways to use phone numbers for your business

The second method of using a telephone number in your marketing material would be to use a different telephone number for all of your advertisements. For example, use a different telephone number for ads that are found on the digital part of your marketing, for instance, the television and through the printed areas of your advertisements such as posters and billboards. This is an excellent method as it ensures you can not only easily track where all your customers are coming from but it allows you to be more accurate than the analytics. Of course, we allow for companies to purchase 03 numbers or buy 08 numbers in bulk – perfect for this.

To conclude, by using this method this ensures that you are easily able to track where all your customers are finding your business. The good thing about this is once you find what marketing strategy is working the best for your business you can invest more money into that strategy and less money on the strategies that aren’t working as well for marketing of that company. For example, say you found out through this marketing strategy that most of your customers are finding you through television advertisements. This means you could then spend a considerably larger amount of money on marketing your business through television ads and spend a less amount of money on marketing through printed advertisements.