0345 area code – all you need to know

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The 0345 is a very particular type of landline. It’s a number that is used by government bodies, business, and even the public sector. This is not the only places that it is used. It employed by a lot more organisations. This number is not like all the other traditional landline numbers. One of the ways is that they are not linked or restricted to a single geographic location. There are no limitations on who can use what numbers but the 0345 is preferred by some businesses and have been purchased by big organisations.

Is 0345 an area code?

0345 numbers are not an area code; they are a non-geographic number. Calling this number is charged the same a s calling a normal business landline or even a home line. This is within the UK.The numbers that start with three are charged the same prices as the ones that start with 01 or 02. If a person’s phone tariff is included in the calls and landlines the call to the 0345 number is included.This number is unique and useful for some users.

The 0345 numbers are different from the 0800 numbers. They can, however, be called at no extra charge. This is the case for many phone tariff numbers. A person with a phone tariff that offers free calls to landlines has the 0345 included in the package.The free calls are given during some particular time of the day.

The numbers that start with the 03 are charged the same way. They work the same way and have the same rates. It includes the 03450, 03454, 03456 numbers; it is the case for all the numbers that start with 0345. This is regardless of the numbers that follow them.The number is non-geographic numbering and was launch in 2007.