How much does it cost to call an 0845 number on Tesco Mobile?

An 0845 number is known as a service number and has special rates charged to it. Due to this charge, calling an 0845 number will typically cost a higher rate than calling an ordinary number. The special charge is known as a service charge and is included as any UK business 0845 number – available to buy on Number Supermarket – typically includes some form of service, be it customer support or inquiries and hence the service charge acts as a way for you to pay for this service.

The total cost of calling the 0845 number takes the form of two parts. The first part is the standard access charge which is the amount that your network provider charges you per minute for connecting the call to the company. The second part is the service charge as mentioned above which is again a per minute charge but varies depending on the company that you call.

Calling 0845 numbers on Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile charges 25p a minute for the access charge with a minimum charge of 25p, meaning that even if your call is less than a minute long you will still be charged a flat rate of 25p for calling the 0845 number. The total cost however will vary depending on the company which you call, typical rates vary between 8p to 62p a minute so it is important to check what the service charge will be before you call the company, as if you face a long call you could be surprised with a large cost of a simple phone call.

The total cost of the call therefore should vary between 33p to 87p per minute so it is important to be weary of calling an 0845 number unless you are fully aware of the costs involved, the service charge should be clearly displayed on the service providers website.