How much does it cost to call an 01 number on Plusnet Mobile?

Plusnet mobile is a UK based telecommunications service provider that aims to lower costs for users. When calling a 01 number with Plusnet Mobile, the out of bundle cost is £0.40 per minute. However; this can be significantly lower if you purchase bundles with Plusnet mobile to suit your needs. With the standard bundles you can make calls to 01 numbers on Plusnet Mobile free of charge! You will not be charged any service of rate fee for making the call. 01 numbers are commonly UK mobile, UK landline and national numbers along with numbers starting with 02 or 03. The same charges apply for these numbers.

Call charges to 01 numbers on Plusnet Mobile

According to our latest research, customers of Plusnet Mobile can expect to pay the following for calls to each number range

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