How much does it cost to call an 01 number on Three Mobile?

If you have a contract phone with Three Mobile, usually the cost of calling standard UK landline 01 numbers will be included in your monthly allowance. However, if you wish to make calls and have used your monthly allowance of free calls to 01 numbers, there will be charges. The cost of calling 01 numbers on Three Mobile varies, depending on whether you have a monthly contract or pay as you go phone. On the Three advanced plan, calls to 01 numbers are 35p per minute. On the essential plan, it is also 35p per minute. Both of these plans are based on monthly contracts and for calls made outside of your allowance. Their pay as you go basic rate for calls to 01 numbers is just 3p per minute. All rates are available to be viewed on Three Mobile’s website. You can purchase 01 numbers through Number Supermarket here.