How much does it cost to call an 01 number on Virgin Mobile?

Virgin Mobile call charges to standard UK 01 numbers varies depending on whether you have a monthly contract or pay as you go phone. For customers with monthly contract phones, calls to 01 numbers are usually included as part of a monthly allowance. However, once you use up your allowance, you will be charged for all calls made outside of it. For calls to standard UK 01 numbers outside of your monthly allowance, Virgin Mobile charge 50p per minute. If you exceed your monthly limit, there is also a surcharge of 3p for every call made on top of the charge per minute. For customers on pay as you go, there are three different call tariffs. The Big Data and Text, and Big Talk call tariffs charge 35p per minute for calls to 01 numbers. The basic starter tariff has a charge of 40p per minute to 01 numbers. 01 numbers can be bought through our site here.