How much does it cost to call an 01 number on TalkTalk?

TalkTalk is a telecommunication service company located in the United Kingdom. The company also provides internet and television services in many packages. They provide fixed contracts for your home telephone, without any rises in prices. They have many contracts from fibre optic routers to slower routers for the people who rely less on the internet. TalkTalk is used by millions in the United Kingdom as it is good for its relatively low price. If you are interested in buying an 01 number, you can purchase here from Number Supermarket now.

How much does a 01 number cost to call on TalkTalk?

The rates they provide vary in consideration of the package you are provided with. On mobile, it would be 15p per minute, and the standard UK landline package is 13.5p per minute. They have many other packages, however, all the packages are quite accurate to 14p.