How much does it cost to call an 01 number on Tesco Mobile?

Calls from mobiles registered with Tesco Mobile vary dependent on what tariff you are on. Calls to standard UK landline numbers starting with 01 are usually included in your monthly allowance if you are on a monthly contract. However, for pay as you go and calls outside of your monthly allowance, there are additional charges.

If you have a monthly contract and make calls to business 01 numbers outside of your monthly allowance, it will cost 25p per minute. For pay as you go phones, there are three different tariffs you can use. The standard pay as you go is 25p per minute. Pay as you go extra, will cost you 15p per minute, and pay as you go lite is 8p per minute. The differences between the three pay as you go rates and how you can subscribe to each one is available on the Tesco mobile web page.