How much does it cost to call an 01 number on Vodafone?

Calling standard UK 01 numbers vary in price with Vodafone. If you have a monthly contract, the cost of calling 01 numbers is usually included in your monthly allowance of free calls. However, if you use all of your inclusive minutes, there is a charge for calls to 01 numbers. If you have a monthly contract, calls to 01 numbers that are outside of your monthly allowance are charged at 45.84p per minute, rounded up to the nearest penny.

Vodafone only offers one pay as you go tariff. Calls to standard UK 01 numbers on Vodafone’s pay as you go tariff is 30p per minutes if you are calling from within the UK. A list of call charges for calling 01 numbers is available on Vodafone’s website. If you’re interested in purchasing your own 01 number, you can do so here.