What is an 01 number?

01 and 02 Geographical business numbers can enable your business to expand into lucrative local markets at a very low cost. These numbers can be routed to any landline or mobile, meaning that they you can be used to create a local business presence without any expensive additional overheads or for personal use.

01 numbers are the most common of the geogrpahical business numbers available in the uk. Due to its low-cost for your customers, it makes the perfect tool for local marketing. It is used across many different regions, particularly around London, which is mainly associated with the 02 number. If you want to give the impression you are based in London the 02 geographical number would be the more appropriate choice and would be perfect for you.

The 01 number is predominantly used as a landline telephone number and as there is no limit to the number of geographical business numbers available to you, this an incredibly flexible option for a growing business. The service has 100% UK coverage and the majority of people (77%) prefer to call a business number that is local to them.

Buying your 01 number

Number Supermarket offers a wide range of local telephone number ranges for its customers. With a variety of options available, ranging from standard to professional, there is something to fit everyones business requirements.

The 01 prefix proceeds the local area code that your callers will instantly recognise.
Buying an 01 telephone number has the potential to provide so much more than a point of contact. The service can be implemented instantly and ready for use within minutes. For the customers security and peace of mind the numbers are cloud based and regulated by Ofcom.

Some of the options available include:

• Routing from mobile to landline.
• Pre-Connection greeting.
• Voicemail to email (Fax to email).
• Date exceptions and out of hours settings.
• Iphone/Android app.
• Real-Time reporting suite.
• Number display.
• Missed call alerts.
• Call recording.
• Web based platform.
• Unlimited call queue.
• Plus many more!

If you are still not sure what you need before you buy your 01 geographical number, or would like to speak to a representative regarding your needs and options? Please contact the Number Supermarket customer service team via the website or call freephone on 0330 332 0440.