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0114 Numbers – Buy Your Number Now

Whether your base is in the actual City of Sheffield or slightly further afield, a 0114 telephone number should be the one for you. Despite the prefix 0114 being directly linked with Sheffield itself, there is a host of nearby areas also under the umbrella of 0114. These include Aston Common, Ecclesfield, Meadowhall and Woodhouse – to name but a few. If you would like to speak to a member of our team before you buy your 0114 number, we are always available to offer support. Once you purchase your 0114 number, the service can be set up in a matter of minutes – choose yours below.

Step 1: Choose your 0114 number


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Perhaps the fact that the 0114 telephone number prefix has been operation since April 1995 is the reason many callers are so accustomed to it, instantly associating 0114 with the Sheffield region. With such strong connotations already in place, it is safe to say that a 0114 will place your business on the local map, immediately telling callers that your base is in a familiar location.

What other information do I need to know about 0115 numbers before I buy?

0114 is the dialling code for Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and some of the surrounding area. It includes all parts of the City of Sheffield except for the Midhopestones and Fox House areas. In addition it covers Killamarsh in Derbyshire and Aston, Ulley and Aughton in Rotherham. The 0114 code is always followed by a seven digit local number. Callers dialling from within the Sheffield dialling code area may omit the 0114 and dial only the local number.

The 0114 code was introduced in 1995 on PhONEday, when most UK numbers changed from 0xxx to 01xxx. Sheffield’s code was changed from 0742 to 0114, instead of 01742, and the local part of the number gained a preceding 2. For example the old number 0742 333333 became the new number 0114 2333333. The new numbering system increased the amount of available numbers from around half a million to almost eight million. Prior to the change, Sheffield was in danger of running out of available numbers.

Historically, the first digit of the local number denoted the exchange. This means that for an older number the second digit, after the 2, now represents the exchange it was connected to. It may be possible to guess which area of the city the number is situated in using this information, but this is not guaranteed. The exchanges were designated as follows:-

  • 2xxxxx numbers – City Centre
  • 3xxxxx numbers – Hillsborough
  • 4xxxxx numbers – Brightside/Attercliffe
  • 5xxxxx numbers – Heeley/Abbeydale
  • 6xxxxx numbers – Broomhill/Crookes

The new seven digit numbering system prefixed all these local numbers with a 2, and numbers created after the change also began with 2. The 2xxxxxx range of seven digit numbers has now been exhausted, and new numbers begin with 3 (introduced in 2004) or 4 (introduced in 2010). Numbers beginning with 5 or 6 are not yet in use but are available to be used in the future. At present, old numbers beginning with 2 are not being recycled when they are taken out of service.

Find out more about 0114 numbers

0114 numbers are classed as geographic numbers, and calls to them typically cost up to 13 pence per minute from a UK landline. From a mobile, the cost can range between 3 – 55 pence per minute. Calls to 0114 and other geographic numbers will generally be included in the free minutes allowance of mobile phone contracts, and in any deal that gives free calls to landlines. 0114 numbers are normally found in the Sheffield area, but like all UK area codes they may be used by services with no physical link to the area.

What’s more, as 0114 is regular landline number charged at standard rate, your callers will also be familiar with how much their call is likely to cost – an element many customers find understandably reassuring.

Once you have selected your new 0114 telephone number, it is essential to present it properly, using the format 0114 xxx xxxx. This prefix is a simple yet incredibly effective way to optimise the way callers remember and dial your number. Increasing its memorability influence can be further achieved by selecting your new number according to our pre-graded system, starting at Bronze and spanning right up to Platinum. Let’s face it, your telephone number is an extension of your branding, so why not ensure customers remember it for all the right reasons?

If you are ready to purchase your new 0114 telephone number, please take your online basket through our 3-step shopping system, otherwise if you’d like more information why not call us on 0330 332 0400? Our team is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week to assist with your enquiries.