What is an 0872 number?

The 0872 number is a telephone number prefix belonging to a class of non-geographic numbers (NGN) available in the United Kingdom. These are various telephone number prefix range available in the non-geographic number service of the United Kingdom to provide special services for bodies, businesses and such, one of which is the 087 prefix number range.

Now before we proceed further, it is imperative to briefly elaborate on Non-geographic telephone numbers. These numbers are a special set of telephone numbers with prefixes that are used for various purposes like call routing, running marketing campaigns, generating revenue amongst a few others. Different non-geographic numbers serve different purposes, some of which we shall review shortly.

According to online sources, the 087 prefix range was introduced in 1996 for non-geographic calls billed at the same rate of national calls, initially existing along side the 0541 and 0990 prefixes. These were later fully replaced in 2001. The 0872 prefix is a sub-range of the 087 range of service numbers which consist of 0870, 0871 and 0872 service numbers, as you will notice on the website. The 0872 prefix diverts phone calls to your specified UK landline where there has to be an existing trunk subscription (UK landline) to utilize the services of the 0872 number prefix.

Buying 0872 Numbers

We at Number Supermarket have 0872 numbers for sale here. Some of the interesting features of this prefix include call routing functions that can virtually redirect your phone calls from many destinations across the UK enabling calls to be answered from different locations and times irrespective of the geographic factors concerning the caller. Furthermore, if you are planning to reach multiple callers spread across the country, it declutters the responsibility of having to set-up multiple landlines or the cost of setting up new landlines in the event of relocating or expanding your reach. Rather you can have your service number serve as a national phone number available to callers all over the UK saving you a great deal. Another beneficial feature is the disaster prevention and recovery. Should a standard geographically-routed landline become unreachable in the event of a network breakdown, incoming calls can be diverted to another alternative location providing a seamless service delivery. You can also manage call recordings and queuing with this service. This is a premium service and as such calls are billed at around 10p per minute.

There are laws and regulations set in place to manage the use of these NGNs that you should be aware of like the 1st July Ofcom legislation. Fortunately, there is a team of advisors that can offer counsel to make sure that you are using the service in accordance with the UK’s rules and regulations.

The 087 prefix still plays a significant role in the telecommunications industry and is projected to remain for the foreseeable future.