Using Intelligent Call Management to grow your business

From time of day routing to voice to email, Intelligent Call Management will ensure that your customers’ calls are answered

When it comes to consumer and business relations, handling their calls in an efficient and proper manner is central to the organisation.

Non Geographic Numbers

With numbers such as 0800, 0845, 0844 and 0870 – or the 03 number range as a whole – the process is even simpler. A variety of impressive call management systems can be utilised. Examples of some of these systems include call statistics, time of day routing, hunt groups and voice to email. Unanswered customer calls are problematic for any business, so whether it’s a small operation with personal interactions or a large team of agents that handle multiple calls, consider the benefits of an Intelligent Call Management system.

Time of Day Routing

Arguably, the most useful arrangement for call management due to the flexibility it provides. It allows you to take calls from any customer whenever you’re on the go. If an incoming call needs to be redirected to a different location based on the time, Time of Day Routing serves an integral duty. Calls can be sent to different place at, for example, lunch times, after hours, weekends and holidays or if you’re just out of the office for a moment. If one office will be closed for a while, why not rout the calls to a separate staffed location. This ensures a 24/7 connection between you and your customers. By checking the hours of a placed setting, an incoming call can be routed to a preferred and pre designed number.


Another clear advantage of the process is the freedom and creativity it gives you. Using the routing system, one can customise specific answer messages to be played for calls coming from a specific location. The configuration of incoming call patterns is another key factor in the systems’ creative capabilities.

Hunt group support is also offered with the Intelligent Call Management system. The ability to route calls to a hunt group will ensure that all calls can be answered immediately by an available agent or staff member.

Voicemail options

Rather than sending the call to a recipient straight away, it’s possible to send the call to voice mail. This allows you time to respond in a professional manner to the caller. Also, the voice mail call can be send to your email box thanks to a convenient feature of the call management system.
In short, this is an opportunity for streamlining contact between staff and consumers. If staff are unable to respond in a timely manner, voice mails are key to good relations. An audio file of the message can be played through the email, which also contains Caller ID information. As a result, you can prioritise the most important messages and answer them with respect.

As proven, simple and efficient communication between a business and it’s customers is crucial. By utilising the benefits an Intelligent Call Management system provides through a Non Geographic Number, this link can be strengthened.