How much does it cost to call an 0808 number on Virgin Media?

So what does it cost to phone 0808 numbers from Virgin Media? From 2013 a Virgin Media landline or home phone Freephone call was free. For your mobile pre-2015, it used to mean that you either had to pay for a costly, monthly VIP tariff which allowed you unlimited 0808 calls, plus unlimited texts and data, or you paid through the nose and got a big shock – as many people were totally unaware of the mobile call costs charged when dialling a Freephone number. However, if you were extra clever and did some research, you could download a nifty little app called 0800 wizard which allowed you to call any 0808 number free from your mobile.

0808 number call costs for Virgin Media customers

Happily, since those times Ofcom changed the way 0808 phone numbers were being charged to mobile users and as of 1st July, 2015, this UK independent communications regulator set a rule that meant all networks must follow its guidelines and lift charges for freephone numbers when called from a mobile. This is why we have seen a rise in the number of people looking to buy 0808 numbers on Number Supermarket recently. Great stuff!

So what does it cost to phone 0808 numbers from Virgin Media? Nothing, nada, absolutely nothing! Now you can happily call banks, government departments or even vote in TV quizzes or shows without fear.