How much does it cost to call an 0345 number on Virgin Media?

0345 numbers are non-geographical phone numbers introduced in the 1990s, and their selling prices are similar to that of local numbers. Naturally, the contacts are used by governmental organisations, private institutions and public service broadcasters, such as the Channel 4, Channel 5 and the BBC.

The cost of phoning using a 0345 number on a Virgin Media is at a standard rate; it is free of charge as long as it is included in your 30-day call contract. The prices are also similar to the costs on other phone contacts starting with a 03; however, to enjoy the free service, the number needs to be included in the caller’s free minute deal. Therefore, if you have unlimited minutes in your pay as you go or a monthly subscription, you will not be subjected to additional charges as it will be considered as part of your inclusive calls. If you’d like your business line to be an 0345, buy one now from Number Supermarket here.

Call charges to 0345 numbers on Virgin Media

If for instance, you do not have free minutes on your monthly plan, making a phone call will cause you to incur extra costs. Virgin Media will charge calling at a standard geographical rate, which is 3p-55p per minute; nevertheless, the time of the day while phoning is also critical because evenings, weekends and daytime are charged at different rates.

Most companies are switching to 0345 numbers due to low rates of calling via a Virgin Media compared to other non-geographical numbers; also the contacts are easy to purchase and manage