What is the difference between 0345 number and 0845 numbers?

Many people argue that companies should not charge a premium for you to be able to call them. In the past 0845 numbers have been the standard go to for any companies wanting to make some extra on their call charges, but government regulations are becoming tighter on this and many companies are now switching 0345 numbers. Unfortunately using a local number is still not a viable option for companies as it does not look professional and it is easier to have one central number for each area rather than loads of different local ones.

What is an 0845 number?

An 0845 number is a business rate number that most people will be used to using if they dial a company. As well as local rate network charges another charge is also added. These premium rate numbers have caused quite a stir with the upsurge of mobile phones in the last 20 years, mainly because an 0845 number becomes a lot more expensive if you are calling from a mobile. Many companies are being proactive and are already switching to an 0345 number.

What is an 0345 number?

Like an 0845 number – an 0345 number is an NGN. An NGN is a non-geographical number that a company may use because the do not wish to use a local number for some reason. One of the main reasons for not using a local number is that if you have offices all over the country you can have one centralised number that can be used anywhere which makes it a lot easier for customers. When you dial an 0345 number you are able to do so from a mobile phone without incurring extra charges. All 0345 numbers are charged at the local rate just like a local number would be. Many companies are switching over to these as it looks incredibly likely that regulators will force them to eventually anyway. It looks likely that 0845 numbers will cease to exist entirely in the next decade.

What is the main difference?

The main difference between 0845 and 0345 is ultimately the price to the caller. While you will be charged a standard local charge and a premium on top with an 0845 number, an 0345 number will just cost you the local rate number. This is also true for mobile phones which have always been significantly different when calling an 0845 number. If you call an 0345 number from a mobile phone you will get charged as if you were calling a local rate number. From a business point of view, there are many reasons to buy 0845 numbers, chief among them being the potential rebates you can get from using them. However, many businesses prefer to buy 0345 numbers for their helplines now – luckily, Number Supermarket is able to offer both at competitive prices.

What regulations will come in the future remains to be seen, but it is incredibly likely all new companies going forward will opt for an 0345 number. Not only is this a better alternative to making customers find loads of different local rate numbers for different offices or departments – but it also works out cheaper for them which could impact on their choice of company if comparing many similar ones.