What is Fax to Email?

Most individuals and business firms all over the UK are adopting fax to email channel of communication in sending information from one place to another; for instance, from a head office to the branch or vice versa. This technology allows you to mail faxes as pdf attachments through the internet instead of using traditional fax machines. Also, the users of the service will be able to send and receive the documents via their email accounts, online portals or desktop fax software apps.

How Does Fax to Email Service Work?

Fax to email service has become so popular because the procedures for using the technology are easy to follow. Traditionally, fax machines come with complicated user manuals and are susceptible to mechanical faults such as feed errors and jams. When sending a fax through the internet, you just select an option that allows you to create a new email and then attach the file which you want to send. Subsequently, insert the recipient’s fax number instead of his or her email address, then send the document.

The mode of receiving a file through an online fax service is similar to that of an email account, and the documents will be in the format of an electronic message attachment. Consequently, after delivery of the faxed document, you can view, save, archive, print or delete the file.

Various fax to email providers, including; GreenFax, eFax and Send2Fax offer non-payable services to their users; however, some organisations have certain terms and condition of use. For instance, a company can restrict the number of facsimiles you can send or receive per week. Free fax online providers can be a good option for persons who require the technology for their personal use. But, the services are not useful for businesses that need to send a vast number of documents daily.

Benefits of Fax to Email Communication

The technology saves you money. Naturally, organisations using traditional telefax machines incur high overheads as they have to pay for the fax lines, and other consumables such as ink, papers and toner. Besides, the equipment requires costly and time-consuming maintenance. Online faxing is cost-effective for, you will not experience high expenditures, but you will only need a device that can support internet connectivity.

Online fax services are not limited to locations. With a traditional facsimile machine in the office, the employee has to be present at the device to send or receive the documents. Therefore, it is a laborious task, and it interrupts with the productivity and the mobility of the workers in the workplace. The fax to email technology eliminates such frustrating processes because you can mail a document regardless of your locale, as long as you have an internet supported gadget.

Fax to email service is straightforward to use, and the moment you sign up to the service, you will immediately receive a new fax number, and you can send or receive faxes to your clients and employees; consequently, improving the productivity in your firm.

Also, when capitalising in a fax to email technology, no need for additional software or hardware, including fax machines or consumables for instance ink and tenor, which requires more space and resources. To send a fax via email, you will simply need an established computer network and an internet connection.

A fax to email service in your organisation, allows you to receive an unlimited number of fax numbers at no additional charges. Also, the technology guarantees your privacy and security of your messages as the data will save in your inbox, where you are the only one who can access.

Moreover, the technology can be used to mail documents that cannot be sent by any other way rather than fax to email means of communication and has proved to be an efficient and a reliable alternative.

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