Call Rebates – how do they add up?

We all know that earning a profit takes time and effort, but what if you could boost your income by simply answering the phone? With a rebate generating prefix such as 0843 or 0845 you can do exactly that. Depending upon how many calls you receive via your rebate generating number, you could potentially earn hundreds of pounds each month.

Such telephone numbers can be seamlessly integrated using your existing landline set-up with no need to install expensive extra equipment. So, it makes good business sense all round, especially when you consider the statistics. For you convenience, we have illustrated the typical rate of returns you could be enjoying.

Call Volume

Based on 500 calls per week (that’s 2000 per month) at an average duration of 4.5 minutes (according to Ofcom’s industry standard) the incoming call volume equals 2250 minutes per week. That’s 9000 per month.

Rebate amounts

Rebate amounts are volume-dependent and range from 2 to 2.75pence per minute, for instance:

1000 to 10,000 minutes equal a rebate of 2.0pence per minute

10,001 to 50,000 minutes would earn 2.5pence per minute

50,000+ minutes give a rebate of 2.75pence per minute

Therefore, 25,000 minutes equate to £625 – that’s a welcome regular addition to your monthly revenue. What’s more, rebates are uncapped, so your figures could potentially look like this:

Call minutes

10,000 = £200

50,000 = £1250

100,000 = £2500

Remember, you can keep a track of the rebates you are earning via our, ‘Number Manager’ portal or iPhone/Android app – the easy way to monitor your call minutes in real-time.