Call Recording

What is it?

As the name suggests, call recording allows incoming calls to get easily recorded. Call recording cleverly combines the simple operation with outstanding business results.

Let’s consider the benefits

Advantages of this innovative facility include full recording capabilities – ensuring you never miss any vital information. Thankfully, ‘call recording’ requires no extra software or hardware and has the flexibility to get utilised via the iPhone/Android App or the ‘Number Manager’ desktop portal. In addition, handy off-net storage means you will not have to eat into the personal server space. What’s more, recordings can be easily kept for as little as 1-month or as long as seven years.

Staff training – your callers are obviously your priority. However, the level of customer care they receive can also be addressed using call recording. In addition to staff training, call recording also provides an invaluable tool during times of compliance and dispute.


As aforementioned, call recording does not need any additional equipment – saving you money and hassle. The only cost it does incur is a miniscule 0.0075ppm – in the context of the many benefits the facility provides, this amount is pretty inconsequential.

Costs also get kept to a minimum through call recording’s simple ‘on-off’ functionality – obviously ensuring you only use the service when you need it.

Need more info?

Please don’t hesitate to call freephone on 0330 3320 400 or email [email protected] – we’re always happy to help.