Porting & Migrating

Porting and migrating (or migration) are terms you will regularly hear about within the field of telecoms. But what do they actually mean?


Migration relates to the transferal of contact numbers from network-to-network.

Ease of migration depends on which provider has initially supplied your original telephone number(s). However, we do have migration and porting agreements with all Tier 1 networks.

Despite sounding confusing migration is surprisingly easy. In essence, it is merely a paperwork exercise – with no need for an engineer visit and no disruption to a business. Our Advice Centre staff are fully conversant with the process and able to talk you through how it works.


Imagine porting a service or product from one provider to another – quite simply, you need somewhere for it to travel from (i.e. your existing telecoms network) and a location.

Sounds straightforward? That’s because it is. As with migration, the process of porting is conducted via paperwork, with no need for an engineer to visit. Let our Advice Centre staff tell you more – we will have you connected and ‘porting’ in no time.


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