Are 03 numbers the right fit for your business?

Businesses, charitable organisations, and public sector establishments were flooded with a whole host of opportunities following the introduction of 03 numbers by Ofcom in the UK. The 0330 number range is available to all businesses and organisation whereas 0300 numbers are solely reserved to charities and public sector institutions alone. Free minutes are offered by most UK operators for in their tariffs and bolt-ons, therefore the attractiveness of 0330 numbers is high due to the fact that their service plans include these numbers. Due to this, more people are likely to make a phone call to your business to either make a purchase or enquire about your products and services.

03 numbers are powerful, to say the least, in making your organisation stand out among the rest, this is because 03 numbers are seen as much more trustworthy than landlines and mobile phones. If you are a charity, 03 numbers can make you seem more independent and there’s a feeling of security seeing as the caller is dealing with someone who seems more reputable. There’s a sense of recognition straight away and it seems like your business has a more positive approach when using one of these numbers.

Business 03 numbers have a huge benefit of making your organisation either seeming national or larger than it actually is due to the authority that the number puts across. This is the same for 0800, 0844, 0845, 0870 numbers as well as other non-geographic ones. Due to the numbers being national, it won’t matter to people who may not want to call you because of your geographic location. Also, the transparency due to the call costs can help towards you gaining customer trust.

Where most calls are being made from mobile phones, this means that 03 numbers are covered by the free minutes in which mobile network operators offer within tariffs and bolt-ons. This makes 03 numbers one of the most cost-effective non-geographic numbers. As well as being easy to identify with 0300 and 0303 numbers being reserved for charities/public sector units, 0330 and 0333 are mainly businesses. Portability of 03 numbers is brilliant and easy as well. If you were to move from a number such as 0870 232 4000, you can simply migrate to the number 0330 232 4000 which can still be memorable to your existing customers.

Due to the fact that this is still a relatively new number, Ofcom still has a huge choice of numbers available, although it’s a good idea to think about your businesses needs before choosing said number. Costing as little as £7.99, service plans can be very affordable, but it is wise to shop around regarding carriers.

Although mobile users can make calls to 03 numbers for free, remember that landlines that don’t have minutes packages can call your numbers at the same rate as it is to call a local 01 or 02 number. At the end of the day, with an 03 number your customers will be able to contact you easily whilst you can also grow your customer base.

Revenue sharing is prohibited with 03 numbers and this is very important to remember.