Why do companies use call recording? How could I use it for my business?

Have you ever thought about this question; why do some companies in the UK record calls? In the past, call recording was common among large corporations only. However, improvement in telecommunication and technology has seen many organizations embracing the technique.

Documenting phone calls brings several benefits to both young and established companies;

  • Improved customer service and satisfaction

Customers do reach out to businesses through different ways when they need help; emails, text messages and phone calls. By making telephone calls customers air their complaints and queries. As the firm manager, you have to listen and respond to such issues raised by your clients. Documenting phone calls makes it easier to analyze and understand customers’ grievances. A personalized and satisfactory response is then possible.

By revisiting the recorded phone conversation, a manager can filter out common complaints made against the organization. He can then learn about the areas of the business that needs fine-tuning. For example, recording feedbacks from customers can help a businessman find out how to improve on his products’ or services’ quality. That could be vital for recently launched products in the market.

  • Useful tool when training staffs

Newly hired workers must get training on how to treat customers. Customers have different demands. Recorded call conversations provide realistic examples for the training of such staffs. From the conversations, you can point out great and not so excellent ways of resolving issues. That helps even old workers better their communication skills.

With improved communication, employees gain new insights in handling different types of customers; for example how to deal with;

  • Managing excited or agitated clients
  • Managing emergencies
  • The appropriate tone to use on phone

By monitoring the nature of conversations between old workers and customers, an administrator can point out polite from impolite talks. He can then discern between employees that need appraisals and those that have to adjust their communication abilities.

  • Provides irrefutable evidence in case of disputes

Some customers are easier to handle than others. A few are prone to bringing out disputes and complaints. When not handled efficiently, these conflicts can lead to business litigation. By recording the calls for each transaction dealings, massive losses stemming from court cases can be cut down or avoided.

  • Helps to refresh the memory

In a lengthy telephone conversation, it is easy to get distracted thereby forgetting crucial elements of a conversation. In such an instance, having recorded phone calls then makes meaning to a business owner. While offline you can revisit the recorded call and refresh your memory on the important details of the chat. You can even jot down the finer details which could have otherwise gone unnoticed. For instance, it could be instructions from your boss, interaction with a customer on the particulars of order, interdepartmental communication. Reviewing the conversation allows you to act upon the accurate information.

  • Safeguards a business from fraud

Most companies face increasing risk from deceptive activities. That explains the rush by businesses to protect their employees’ data. One way to keep off or track cons is by recording calls. Notifying your callers that the conversation is being recorded works as a deterrent against issuing false identity or information. If such a person proceeds to do so, the documented call provides sufficient proof. Setting up a strong case against such an individual is then possible.

  • Eases data base integration

Storing your information in one place for sure has benefits. When a company documents all phone calls, it ensures that each crucial conversation is traceable to an audio file. Having gathered and compressed the audio data into folders eases digital distribution. For instance, through cloud storage, every department can access the data from a remote location.

So, why do some companies in the UK record calls? It’s due to the numerous benefits discussed above. Documenting phone calls helps a business to store accurate data and provide better service to its clients. If you would like to use this service for your business, get in touch with us – we can provide call recording on all our local numbers, including 0161, 01274, 0203 and any others – as well as across all of our NGN numbers. For a simple, cloud based solution – get in touch today.